DAUSSB is a miniseries similiar to Our Minds Gone. Issue 1 will premire on October 24th, 2013, after Fiesta is released. Just like Our Minds Gone, it will tie together with the ending of Death Among Us.


Seaman Herbert W. Reid stared at what he saw. He was shocked, possibly scarred for the rest of his days. He jumped back in fright as the Jayhawk Helicopter fire its cannon endlessly into the crowd of...of what? Reid didn't know, nor did he want to. He jumped right back off the dock, and onto his 45-Footer patrol boat. The gunner, stationed on the front M2HB stared at him with a strange look.

Gunner: Is that-

Reid: I don't know, maybe a-

Suddenly, the Coast Guard station's air raid siren went off, and other Seamen charged from the barracks, then stopped in fright as they saw the horrible crowd. They all stopped, then went inside, then came back out of the building weilding shotguns.

Gunner: Shit...


Death Among Us: Star Spangled Banner follows US Coast Guard Seaman Herbert W. Reid and his 45-Footer Patrol Boat, nicknamed the "Screaming Eagle", along with his crew, the Coast Guard, and the rest of the United States, particulary Louisiana. 


Issue 1

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