Hey guys! This page is meant to show all the original things that were going to happen in Death Among Us, but were changed while we were writing the story.

Season 1Edit

Hey guys! This is Xraymoon102 and I'm here to tell you all the content we cut. Will3947 will show up when he feels like it. Anyways, let's get to it!

In Episode 11, when Asher and Brooklynn were out in the woods, and Ben popped out, what went down was not going to go down when we were planning that scene. Originally, Ben was going to pop out with the gun, but he wasn't going to miss Asher and hit Brooklynn. He would shoot Asher in the stomach and Asher would have a little fight with him, eventually killing him. Then he would look to see that Brooklynn ran away and he would search for her in the dark, then find her being eaten by a walker. I thought this was dumb, because, well, Asher was shot in the stomach. He wouldn't just get right back up and search in the dark, he would bleed out. Plus I thought Brooklynn running away from a fight wouldn't be fit at all for her character. So I tweaked it, and it seems more realistic now. Also, Ashlynn got to kill Ben and Asher punched the hell out of him.

In Episode 1, originally, Willis was going to take Sean's role. Sean would be elected leader and Will would kill people on the roof, but then I realized that Will was in the military so we could open up all that story with the soldiers and the steel mill and I thought it made the story more interesting.

Episode 4 and 5. Originally in these episodes, Lauren and Luan were going to stay in secret and save Jair, but I thought that would seem unrealistic and also I just really hate Jair's character. So I changed that. Also, Brooklynn and Brealynn were going to leave, but I made Ashlynn make them stay to make Episode 5 more tense and put people on edge.

Originally, the group was going to find the steel mill much later, closer to the finale, but I thought that would make the series more boring. If I kept that plan, then there would be about five episodes of nothing happening except for people talking and setting up camp. I couldn't think of anything interesting enough to happen in those episodes, so I brought them in early. Also, when Hudson lost his eye, he was going to shoot Ashlynn, but I dcided to keep her for future seasons.

In Episode 9, when Emma died saving Ashlynn, that wasn't what we had originally planned. Originally, Emma was going to make it to Season 2 alive and well. So when Hudson came and tortured Ashlynn, originally, the whole entire group was to attack and he would stab Ashlynn as he left, nearly killing her, and when they left, Asher would hold her as she died, not patch her up after Emma died saving her. So I switched it around because I didn't want Brealynn to have nervous breakdowns, since Brooklynn was planned to die in Episode 11 anyway, and I wanted Brealynn to still have at least one sister with her. So really, Ashlynn was kept alive for Brealynn.

In Episode 8, when Maddie died, I was having trouble deciding who to kill in that first attack. We didn't want Will to die, since he was planned to be found in that episode and he just got back. Ashlynn was still captured, Brealynn needed to live to provide a sense of hope, and Brooklynn was planned to die in Episode 11. We thought about killing Asher off (No, really, we were seriously considering it) but he would make too large of an impact on the group and they would become too vengeful. Lauren was planned to go crazy in Season 2 and kill Ramona, so we couldn't kill her off. Jazmine had just been amputated so she was safe. Luan has a huge role coming up in Seasons 2 and 3, so he can't die yet. By process of elimination, we narrowed it down to Maddie. She died, leaving Luan stressed and also providing a story for Joshua Bishop in Season 2.

In Episode 13, when Jazmine and Jordan died, Jordan was planned to die, but Jazmine needed to live. Since she was amputated, we wanted to keep her for future seasons but we didn't want anyone to get left behind when they were leaving for Oregon in the finale. We wanted three soldiers to live, and only nine people could fit on the helicopter (Seriously, we did research on how many people would fit) so that left six. Ashlynn and Brealynn needed to go, Lauren needs to go crazy, Luan has his huge role coming up, and Asher and Will are just... Needed for some future seasons. So that left Jazmine to die. We didn't want her to die, but, she had to. There was no way around it, so we reluctantly killed her off-screen.


In Episode 13, Brooklynn was to secretly follow the soldiers, then Riley sees her, tries to get her to cover, and she is shot in the stomach. The soldiers all begin to cry and carry her body out of the battle. They raise a fake white flag to fake surrender, then open fire and rip shit up!!! But we needed her to die in Episode 11 so we couldn't, also Ashlynn's song WAS for a reason.

In the finale, we were pending on whether or not Hudson would make a comeback, so we left his death off-screen. During Red's outburst, I didn't want it to be too complicated for the group to plan with some dipshit running his mouth off, so we had Hudson kill him. And Davidson... Well, did he ever talk?

Xraymoon102 here again!

Asher was originally going to get captured by the steel mill group when he stayed behind to provide cover fire when they were leaving. When I was writing Episode 8, though, I couldn't think of anything for Luan to do, so I had Asher pop up so the two could bond. BUT- I will tell you this: This very situation we had planned WILL come up in a future Season.

You already know that Ashlynn was originally going to be killed and Emma would survive, but another possible situation we had planned was Hudson just attacking, not taking Ashlynn to torture her. So in the whole battle, the entire group was going to go to the top of the steel mill, where Ben said Hudson kept 3 women, and Ashlynn would be up there with them, they would all be tied up, wearing only bikinis. But we had to scrap that because we wouldn't just leave them and the helicopter only carries 9 people, so that was cut out.


Riley was originally never going to shout and leave a mystery, but we added that for an Easter Egg later. To all those people who are still wondering: Riley's sentence will be revealed somewhere after Season 3, that's all I can give you. Predictions on what it is? Haha, thanks everyone. That's all the cut content for Season 1!

Season 2Edit

In Episode 2, Grimes was to live and die later on, but we had to have Ramona be slightly resented by the group.

Originally, Beth was not to appear at the cabin, but instead be relaxing in the meadow when the helicopter crashed, but we changed it so she and Brock would have a horrible relationship.

We originally planned to have Brock be 6 years old, providing a friend for Brealynn and having a male child with the group, but we thought progressing Beth was more importsant than that.

In Episode 15, or 14 or whatever, Ellis was to be 9 instead of 14, and she was to teach Brealynn how to shoot, and all dat good stuff. 

Originally, the group was never going to find the school. At the beginning of the season we had it planned that they would steal the helicopter and they would fly it back to the hangar, but that was just stupid and we wanted Will's group to reunite with them eventually, so we changed it, which opened up an entire seasons' worth of storylines!