Who do you think it is?


Asher enlisted the help of Ashlynn, Jasper, Joshua, and Alexander to find out who the killer is. Brad was murdered gruesomely and Asher is now afraid to die from this. Luan began to have mental breakdowns but is now calm because Beth started a relationship with him. Brealynn finally ha a new friend, Lady Slave. A gunshot was heard and Alexander was shot in the foot. RJ wasn't present in cleaning the wound, so Asher went to his room, believing it was him. He got in and saw only RJ, who is already dead, killed in the same way Brad was. Brealynn finally learned the truth about Brooklynn and Will took his crew and left the cabin, although it is unknown where they are headed to.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Ellis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Luan Stephens

Brealynn Taurus

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Alexander DeLarge

Summer Field

Lady Slave

Pvt. Miller


Asher sits, shocked. He was so sure, it... How could it not be RJ? He looked down, not knowing what to do, and finally got up. Jasper and Ashlynn run up behind him.

Jasper: What hap-... Oh, shit...

Asher: No. We don't grieve yet. Right now we go back and we find out who the hell did this. Whoever it was killed RJ and tried to scare us by shooting Alexander. So that makes it either Beth, Luan, Joshua, Summer, Ashlynn, me, or you. I hate to think it was one of our own, but I can't think it was an outsider or a kid. We are gonna go right now and find out who the hell did this.

The trio marches back to the group and sees Alexander sitting on his bed with a bandage around his leg, Joshua, Beth, and Luan sitting on a couch, and Summer sitting on his armchair.

Summer: What happened?

Asher glares at everyone.

Asher: They killed RJ. We are gonna sit here all night long until I find out who the hell did this. It was one of you. Now, I'm gonna start with the most likely suspect. Joshua?

Joshua: What? No, it wasn't me, I'm not like that! I was in my room the whole time!

Asher: We don't know that.

Ashlynn: Yes, we do. Like I said before, I'm a light sleeper. His room is right next to mine, so I would've heard if he got up and walked around. And it wasn't me. Ask Brealynn and Lady, I was there all night.

Jasper: Then who the hell was it?

Asher: We're not gonna find out who did it if we don't guess first and make them crack. Joshua, was it you?

Joshua: No, I- I swear!

Asher: Tell me, God damn it!

Joshua: I- It wasn't-

Asher: Tell me!

Joshua: IT! WASN'T! ME!

Joshua backhands Asher and shoves him into the wall. Asher falls to the ground.

Asher: You son of a bitch.

Joshua: Don't you guys get it? IT. WAS. RJ!



Asher: One more slip- and you're out. 

Joshua: I- It's been six months! And you still don't trust me! What is it going to take!?!

Beth: It was me.

Asher's jaw dropped as he turned over to stare at Beth. Joshua cocked his head in wonder.

Joshua: Why...Why?

Luan: What...No! No no no!

Beth: I don't know why I did it. But I had to. I wanted to.

Asher: I- I- You didn't do it.

Beth: I did!

Asher: I know it wasn't you. I know it.

Summer: Who are you covering for? 

Beth: Nobody!

Joshua: Okay, what is going on? First it was me- now Beth? She's a good person, so you couldn'tve done it. Right?

Beth: I killed Brad, and RJ. Alexander saw me, so I shot him. Okay?  

Summer: Oh. My. God. It wasn't her!

Will and his group are riding horses through the wilderness. Ellis points out a lantern at the edge of the woods and begins to ride towards it. Will and Miller shrug, then continue to follow Ellis. Mason laughs and follows the group. When they get closer to the light, Will laughs, as it's Graydon's cabin, with Graydon on the porch asleep with a coal-oil lantern on the porch. Ellis hitches her horse to the porch and the group does the same. Ellis tiptoes across the porch and gets towards Graydon. She puts her fingers to her lips and walks up to Graydon, unaware of what's going on around him. Ellis pulls shaving cream out of her pack, gently pulls the shotgun out of his hands, and sprays shaving cream into his hand. Miller grins and grabs a pine needle from the ground. He tickles Graydon's cheek gently. Graydon moves his hand onto his face, splattering shaving cream all over Graydon's face. He wakes up and jumps out of his chair. He wipes the cream off his face and stares at the group. Ellis. Miller, and Mason break out into laughter, rolling on the ground. Will snickers and shrugs.

Graydon: Wait- HOW DID YOU SNEAK UP ON ME!?!?

Ellis: You tell me old man!


Will: Yeah, It works all right. Awesome huh? Oh by the way, we're leaving. Can you watch over the cabin for me? and this'll be goodbye forever. Or, a long time.

Graydon: Yeah, alright. Later brother.

Will nods, and Ellis hugs Graydon. The group gets on their horses and rides away from the cabin. Graydon waves and sets his shotgun down on the porch. This would be the last time Graydon would sleep on the porch. 

Will: Alright, We're gonna do a little cattle drive. But- Someone needs to fly the helicopter and hold onto the pigs, chickens, and that little farm dog.

Miller: Alright. I'm also the only good pilot here.

Will: EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!

Miller: Yeah, you heard me. Anyways, let's get going.

Will: Alright, everything's still off. Gasoline pump's off, water's off, electricity's off. Let's go! 

Miller gets off his horse and runs towards the helicopter. Ellis shoots open the barn and Will gets off his horse, grabs the chicken cages and takes them to the helicopter. Ellis herds the pigs towards the helicopter, and Miller gets them strapped in. Ellis, Mason, and Will herd the cattle and begin to herd them down the dirt road and out of Will's land. Will and the cattle begin to walk along the highway next to Will's land. Will looks back at his land, and smiles. This land would always be his. Forever. 

Ellis: So, where we goin' boss?

Will: We're gonna follow this highway towards open range. We're gonna be cattle herders for whatever time on earth we have left. Might as well have fun, right?

Mason: Right. Besides, these cattle are decent.

Ellis: Look!

Ellis points up to the sky, at the helicopter cruising through the dark night sky. 

Asher stares deep at Joshua, while he holds him down on the ground. 


Joshua: No! Please! Stop! Please! I'm begging you!

Summer: Stop! He didn't do it!

Beth: Let go of him!

Luan tackles Asher and holds him down.

Luan: Look at me, Look at me. He. Didn't. Do. It.

Asher: Yes he did! Now let me go!

Ashlynn: ENOUGH ASHER! We'll figure this out in the morning. Now everyone! Go get some sleep. 

Asher grunts and walks off. Luan, Summer, Ashlynn, Joshua, and Jasper follow him, leaving Beth and Joshua.

Beth: I can't believe they'd accuse you like that.

Joshua: Did you do it?

Beth: I'm not telling you.

Joshua stares at Beth in wonder. Up on the roof, Jasper sits on the lawn chair, with a rifle. The cold October wind blows through the valley and the forest. Jasper shivers, then pulls his jacket on tighter. Just then, Jasper pauses. He looks into the sky just above the treeline on the horizon, to see a helicopter several miles away, flying fifty feet above the trees. Jasper was about to shout, but the helicopter was flying away. Jasper smiled.


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