This is the sixteenth episode and the finale of Season 4, titled Countdown. It is released November 3, 2013. It is written by Xraymoon102.


An expedition to southern California was announced, known as the California Expedition. Several people werew chosen to go, but had a choice on whether to go or not. Most accepted and boarded the plane a few days later, then flew off towards southern California as the rest of the community watched in sorrow, doubting they'll ever see them again.


Riley's voice is heard in the background, counting down from 10. As he counts down, the following scenes are shown: An aircraft taking off, Ashlynn crying while holding Brealynn, Asher and the rest of the expedition sitting in the aircraft with some people sitting on the floor, Riley and Jackson glaring at each other, the Daniel that stayed behind at the wall, aiming down with his eyes wide, Kameron telling Riley, "There's a job that needs to get done", Jackson saying "In and out. Nice and quiet", Riley and Jackson up close, face to face, barely an inch apart, and someone saying "It's almost over" as Riley's countdown gets to 1...


After Asher boards the plane, he sits down next to someone he has never met before and sets his backpack down in front of him, then leans back in exhaustion. The woman he is next to looks at him.

Woman: You don't look military.

Asher: I'm not, and you don't either.

Woman: Eh, you got that right. What's your name?

Asher: I'm Asher Lucero.

Woman: Tyler Boone. Nice to meet you.

Asher: You too.

Will is the last to board the plane and the door shuts, then Will looks over at Asher. They nod to each other in respect, then he goes to the cockpit. 

Tyler: You've got family here.

Asher: What're you talking about?

Tyler: I can tell. You're going on the expedition, but someone close to you is staying. I mean, it just looks like it. You don't seem so happy.

Asher: Yeah... I'm leaving my girlfriend and her 4-year old sister. 

Tyler: I'm sorry. I know how much it sucks.

Asher smiles. Just then, they hear Riley counting down on his megaphone outside.

Riley: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Takeoff!

The plane's engine shudders, then it starts moving forward. Asher looks out the window next to him, feeling worried. He watches as they lift off the ground, then speed out into the sky.

Ashlynn sobs, then clutches Brealynn closer. Riley stares up at the ascending aircraft, a grim look on his face. He salutes, proud of what he's created, until someone nudges his shoulder. He looks to see Daniel, who points out about a hundred yards from the airstrip.

Daniel: Sir, we should get going.

Riley stares out at where he is pointing, seeing three walkers stumbling towards the group. He signals to one of the guards, who then starts leading everyone back to the main gates. They all get back inside, then everyone gets back to what they were doing. Kameron and Beth are walking back to Kameron's trailer with Graydon, Mason, Ellis, and Joshua. When they get inside, they all sit on beds and sigh in exasperation.

Joshua: They're actually gone.

Kameron: Yeah... I didn't actually think this would ever happen.

Beth: It would've been nice if we all made it here... Y'know... Summer, Luan, Brad, Aaron, Jason, Kattner, Ramona, RJ, Dean...

Graydon: I never knew some of those people.

Joshua: Same, I never met Aaron, Jason, Kattner, or Ramona.

Kameron: Dean was so close... I still haven't been able to forget the fact that we left him out there.

Beth: It was his choice.

Mason: Come to think of it, I never visited his grave. Anyone wanna come with me? I'm gonna go say a few words.

Graydon: He never made it here. He doesn't have a grave, we had to leave him out there. He told us to.

Kameron: Oh, shit.

Ellis: Huh?

Kameron: His body is still out there. We never went and brought it back.

Joshua: Shit...

Ellis: Should we go get him? I mean, it's-

Kameron: Of course, Ellis, we have to. I'll go let Riley know, he should be okay with it.

Ashlynn holds Brealynn close, walking around the community. Brealynn looks up at Ashlynn.

Brealynn: When can we be happy?

Ashlynn: What do you mean?

Brealynn: You said this place would be happy and we'd never have to watch people die again, but Asher had to leave. When can we actually be happy?

Ashlynn: It's almost over, Brealynn, I promise.

She looks over her shoulder, seeing Kameron, Joshua, Beth, and Ellis running to the command center.

Ashlynn: It's almost over.

She runs with Brealynn over to the command center, wondering why they all ran in there so quickly.

She gets inside, then sees a woman at a desk. She walks over to her.

Ashlynn: Hey.

Woman: Hi, I'm Mona, how can I help you?

Ashlynn: Some people just came in here, looking like they were in a hurry. Can you tell me where they went?

Mona: Upstairs, Corporal Riley's office. 

Ashlynn: Thank you.

She takes Brealynn by the hand and walks upstairs, then gets to Riley's door. She knocks, and hears his voice.

Riley: C'mon in.

She enters, seeing Kameron, Joshua, Beth, and Ellis sitting in chairs in front of his desk.

Beth: Hey.

Ashlynn: I saw you guys running in here, I was just... Wondering what's going on?

Kameron: We were just getting to that.

Riley: Have a seat, they haven't told me yet either.

She and Brealynn sit down, listening. Kameron leans forward onto Riley's desk, staring at him.

Kameron: There's a job that needs to get done. We're here asking for your permission to go outside the walls.

Riley: For what reasons?

Joshua: When we were coming here, we used a train for most of the ride, but the tracks didn't lead all the way to Fort Cessna. And after the helicopter wreck, one of our guys got bit, we had to amputate his leg. He wasn't gonna make it here, so about ten miles out we had to leave him. He told us to, it wasn't our choice. But we never went back for his body. So his corpse is still out there, and we want to go out there, get his body, and bring it back here for burial.

Riley stares down at his desk, thinking.

Riley: If it were only up to me, I would take you out there myself. But it isn't. This'll never get past General Jackson, he practically runs this place like a concentration camp. 

Beth: If this guy is so bad and awful, why haven't you taken him out by now?

Riley: Because we have no proof that he isn't an actual General. I know he isn't and everyone else does too, but there isn't any proof. He's in charge here, I'm only second in command for the time being.

Ellis: Y'know I'm just gon' leave and do it m'self right? I don't give a shit 'bout rules or anythin', I give a shit 'bout a proper burial for a good man. Now, are you gon' convince General Dickface, or do I gotta do it?

Riley thinks for a few seconds, then looks up at the doorway.

Jackson: What was that?

Ellis: Y'heard me.

Riley: Ellis, please. Sir, they wish to leave the wall to find a man they had to leave in the forest awhile back. Please, this is something you can't deny.

Jackson: If they left him, they're assholes and he was an asshole for letting them. That's that.

Riley's hand twitches towards the gun at his waist, but he restrains himself. He gets up, then walks over to Jackson, glaring at him the entire time.

Riley: Let them go.

Jackson simply smirks, so Riley gets up close. They are inches apart, and Riley looks like he is ready to tear Jackson's head off.

Riley: I'll have John go with them. Since we're all just worthless pieces of shit to you, what do you care?

Jackson draws his pistol, but doesn't take the safety off. He pokes Riley's stomach with the barrel, but Riley doesn't move a muscle.

Jackson: Back. Away. From. Me.

Riley's face is tight, and he backs away a step. Jackson lowers the gun, then holsters it.

Jackson: In and out. Nice and quiet. It's up to you to let John know. I'll give you three hours, longer than that and you're all declared presumed dead.

He turns away, then leaves the room.

Ashlynn: What the hell was that? The son of a bitch pulled a gun on you and you don't have proof? Here's proof: A real man of honor, a general, would never show that disrespect to his men and country. 

Riley: The people would never understand. You'd better get going, get your weapons and meet John at the gate. He'll be there in ten minutes.

Minutes later, Ellis, Ashlynn, Kameron, Joshua, and Beth are standing at the gate, their melees and pistols at their sides. After awhile, a soldier shows up, wielding an M4. He looks at the group, then looks at the gate.

John: I'm John, let's do this.

He pulls the gate open with the help of another soldier, and it gets shut behind them.

John: Let's go.

They all start walking into the forest.

Two hours later, the butt of an M4 slams into a walker's head. John looks down at it, seeing it is a man in his early twenties with a cloth wrapped around his face. He steps over him, followed by Ashlynn, Kameron, Joshua, and Beth.

John: We've been seeing a lot of these guys lately.

Kameron: What guys?

John: Dudes with cloths wrapped around their heads, looking like bandits. Sometimes we see them with spears, never with guns. We're thinking maybe a really huge group got wiped out, maybe they were Muslim or something. They've all got the headpieces.

Beth: Shouldn't be anything to worry about, then.

John: Naw, we haven't been seeing as many as we were at one point.

Kameron: That's good.

They walk for a few more minutes before Joshua recognizes the landscape.

Joshua: We're close. It should be just minutes away.

A few minutes later, they stop, dead in their tracks. Leaning back against a tree, with Asher's pistol still in his hand, Dean. His remaining leg has been completely eaten away, the arm with the gun has several bite marks, and his throat is opened up from a bite. A bullet mark is in the right side of his head. They all start breaking down, crying. Ellis goes to the body, half covered in moss, and pries Asher's gun out of his hand, which definitely takes some doing.

Joshua: We should get back. I'll carry him.

John: I'll help.

They walk over and lift up the body, then notice something. Fourteen dead walker bodies lie around him. Plus the shot to the head.

Beth: He went out fighting. He didn't just give up, or take the easy way out, he fought for us...

Everyone stays silent and lifts up the body, then looks up.

Ashlynn: It's getting dark soon, we should hurry.

Back at Fort Cessna, Daniel is aiming down at the swarm of thirty or so walkers outside the wall. They must have heard the plane take off. His eyes grow wide when he sees even more exit the forest, and he lowers his gun, then sits in his chair.

Hours later, when it's dark, Joshua and Beth are sitting in front of Dean's freshly dug grave. They aren't having a ceremony since almost nobody knew him, but they want to pay their respects anyway. After a few minutes of saying a few words about Dean in front of his grave, Beth leans her head on Joshua's shoulder.

Ashlynn is curled up in bed with Brealynn, staring out the window. A tear drips down her cheek.

Riley is repeatedly stabbing a knife into his desk, making lots of marks. He makes an angered noise and looks out his window at the silent community, seeing Jackson patrolling the streets, making sure everyone is in bed. He stares down at him in anger, then kicks his wall and walks away.

Kameron holds Sasha close, laying her down in her crib, then smiles when Sasha grabs hold of the sides of the crib and pulls herself onto her feet.

Graydon sits in his bed, wide awake, staring at his daughter, who is asleep next to Mason.

John stands at the main gate, staring out into the forest. When a female limper gets to the gate, snarling, and reaches through the iron bars towards John, he almost steps forward into it's grip, but stops himself. He pulls out his knife, hesitating, then takes a step forward. The limper's hands get a very good grip on his jacket, and he hesitates, then raises the knife. Before he can stab it, however, he notices how familiar the walker looks. He has seen her before. She was the soldier he stabbed in the back of the leg and left behind in the forest when the walker attack occured. He squeezes his eyes shut, then stabs her in the forehead through the gates, then rips the blade out and sheathes it, still staring out there.

Riley: John?

John turns around, seeing Riley standing behind him.

John: Yeah.

Riley: What was that? You seemed really pissed when you killed that limper.

John hesitates, then looks down at the limper's dead body and then back up at Riley. He then knows he must confess the truth.

John: That's Private Rachel... I killed her.

Riley: What?

John: Back when those walkers attacked, just after Will's group got here, when she was with me and some other guys, and we had to make a break for it into the forest... It was just her, me, and Goodman... Goodman was bit... They were close, we were all gonna die, but I saw the only way out and I took it. I pushed Goodman into the herd so Rachel and I could make it, but she didn't agree with me. She started firing on me, tried to kill me, so I stabbed her in the back of the knee and ran away. Her machete is on the east side of the walls, somewhere not so deep into the forest. I threw it back there when I got here...

Riley stares down at the ground, shocked.

John: I don't know if you're gonna kick me out of Fort Cessna now or what, but whatever it is, I'll accept it. I'm ready.

Riley thinks for awhile, then looks up at John.

Riley: I won't tell Jackson. I won't tell anyone. But I will keep my eye on you.

John: You're not making me leave?

Riley: Think about it. That was months ago, John. You knew Goodman was dead anyway, so you made it quick for her. The only reason you killed Rachel was because you would've died otherwise. And I know you aren't a threat to anyone else, because that was months ago and it hasn't happened again. But I will keep my eye on you, I promise you that. Jackson won't ever know.

Jackson: Won't know what?

They look back, seeing Jackson standing about twenty feet back. 

Riley: You heard me. You'll never know.

Jackson and Riley glare at each other, then he turns around and walks away.

The plane gently touches down on the loose gravel. They have reached southern California, and it is now racing down the completely cleared off highway. After a few minutes, it finally comes to a stop about fifty yards from the large, towering building the soldiers are trapped in. The largest horde of walkers the group has ever seen before is gathered outside, its numbers reaching up to at least 10,000. The door of the plane opens, everyone leaves their backpacks inside, and only exits the plane with a melee weapon and a pistol. Will, however, has an M4 with a strap attatched slung behind his shoulder. He steps out first, followed by 39 other people. The group of 40 lines up, and Will yells to them.

Will: This is it, we're here! The plan is: I will lead most people into the fight, using your melee with your pistol handy! You make sure you don't get bit, and you make sure to stay with the group, not straying even a foot away from us! Katie, you and Reese get into that office building across the street from the building the soldiers are trapped in and cover us, you should be able to get in safely and quietly from behind. Peter, you, Juwan, and Corey hang back behind us and make sure none come from behind, that plane surely drew some. If you need help, just give me a holler, I'll have some people go back to help you. Everyone else, stick with me and follow the plan. Any questions?

Everyone stays completely silent, and Asher's heart pounds against his chest. He looks over at the large building, then sighs in nervousness. After Katie and Reese are seen in the warehouse's windows, Will signals to everyone else and they all start jogging towards the horde. Everyone is shouting, loud, blood-curdling battle cries, determined to rescue the soldiers. Will screams his battle cry, and, just as they think it'll all turn out okay, the nearest limpers, about twenty feet away, turn towards the group. Will stops, silent and dead in his tracks, when he sees the nametape: "US. MARINES" on about thirty of the limpers that have turned around...


  • Private Rachel (Zombified)
  • Entire platoon of soldiers in southern California (Revealed)

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