Willis Hall
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Willis on a mountaintop, away from the cabin.

 Gender 	     Male
 Hair 	             Black
 Age 	             25
 Occupation	     Current Army Colonial
 Relations 	     Graydon Hall, Ellis Hall,
                     Ramona Merril  
 First Appearance    Episode 1: Rise From the Dead
 Last Appearance     N/A
 Death 	             N/A
 Cause of Death      N/A
 Status 	     Alive
 Series lifespan     Episode 1: Rise From the Dead
                     to present
 Ethnicity 	     Caucasian


Willis was once a happy kid living a normal life in Boise. When he was 12, his parents were divorced, his father lost custody of him, and a week later his mother took him to an orphanage. Will shot the abusive foster parents, and left into the distance. He joined the Civil Air Patrol, living a life of poverty, but helping others in his time of need. The day he turned 18, he marched down to the recruiting station and signed up for the US Army, but was accidentaly drafted as an officer. He took a test, proving he was worthy of being an officer. He was never stationed in the Middle East, but spend four years touring Germany and southeast Asia. In 2010, when he returned at age 22, his platoon landed a contract with Fairchild Republic Inc, and the USAF. The contract stated Lt. Hall and his base would watch over the USAF and the 0th Fighter Squadron. (The Zero Heroes). The outpost would be contained by 32 US Army Helicopter pilots and crewman, along with 32 US Air Force pilots for the A-10 Thunderbolt IIs stationed on the outpost. The outpost was built at the foot of the Owyhee Mountains, in Southern Idaho. Fairchild Republic built a maintenence plant for constructing new Pratt-Whitney engines. The outpost was ran by Lt. Hall, and was used as a Touch & Go refueling station for any aircraft. The Base at one time carried 10,000,000 Gallons of fuel. Will was on his way to the base (in all of his gear and carrying his rifle, as a training exercise was at the base that day) driving through a neighborhood where he hit a walker and windshield cannoned out of his car.


Will was unconcious for three days, on the pavement. He woke up and headed for a nearby house. No one was inside, so he stayed there for five days before moving. He found a group of 18 other survivors who accepted him as the leader.