This is the ninth episode of Season 4, titled 'Champagne'. It premiered August 21, 2013.


After the train ran out of wood again, the group decided to just walk since the hangar was so close. They went into the forest, but found a herd of walkers. After a long time of running, Brealynn saved Ashlynn's life by shooting a walker. The gun was taken away, and Ashlynn said she needs proper training when they get there. Dean was left behind at his own will, and was left with Asher's gun. When they got over to the top of a small ridge, they were overlooking a vast community around the hangar...


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Kameron Carter

Ellis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Erika Munnyey

Brealynn Taurus

Lady Slave

Graydon Hall

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Katie

Teagan Carlson

Cpl. Riley

Sasha Carter

General Jackson


Erika: Oh my God... It's beautiful...

Will: This... The trip was hard, but... But worth it... Now that we're here... There must be three-hundred people here!

Ashlynn: We can finally stop fighting!

Beth: After everything... We've gone through so much, but it was worth it just to get to this one place.

Miller: Let's go. None of this is going to be true if we don't get our asses inside right now!

The group turns around to see the herd of walkers, larger now, emerge from the woods.

Asher: Shit, go!

Will hops down onto the loose rocks and starts shuffling down slowly. Erika grabs Lady and does the same, while Ashlynn grabs Brealynn and Kameron holds Sasha tighter.

Asher: Hurry!

Asher and Graydon kill walkers with their hammer and axe until everyone has gone down. When everyone has reached about halfway to the bottom, Asher turns to look down at them. Graydon starts sliding down.

Asher: Keep goi- AHHHAHHA!!!

In the middle of his sentence, a walker reaches him and lunges, forcing him over the cliff and onto the rocks. He slides down with the walker on top of him, scraping and ripping open his arm and right cheek, and then slamming his head into a large boulder at the bottom of the rocks, knocking him unconscious with the walker still on him.

Will: NO!

A gunshot erupts into the air, and the walker stops moving when blood sprays out of his head. Will looks over to the community, seeing a small glinting reflection at the tower in the center of the fort. Will sighs in relief, then sprints over to Asher and lifts him up.

Asher: Ugh....

Will: C'mon, man, we're getting in there! This all wasn't for nothing! Let's go! Come on!

The group follows behind Will, and they dash towards the large wall. When they reach it, they hear a shout and then gunfire breaks out.

Will: Down!

They all flop onto the wet grass as bullets tear through the oncoming walkers. When the gunfire stops, they get up and start running again, seeing soldiers with M4s up on the wall.

Soldier: Go go go, that way! Get to the gate, it'll be open for you!

As they run alongside the wall, the soldiers above shoot repeatedly at the walkers coming. Several seconds later, they turn into the gate and it is shut behind them by two grunts as they see the vast community around what used to be a small military base. A small fencing spilts the fort into two halves, one containing hundreds of tents, the other containing a cluster of about twenty trailers. In the middle of the tents, a tall brick building stands, serving as the command building of the fort. The grunt pulls on Will's arm, dragging him towards the building, but he stops when he sees Will's colonial rank, then lets go, snaps to attention, then salutes him.

Soldier: Oh, my apologies sir, I...I...

Will: At ease. Now come on, bring me to the commanding officer, and get these good people set up. 

Soldier: Yes sir, right away sir. 

Will: And treat them with some dignity, you little f-cker.

Soldier: I, I-... Yes sir...

Will: That was a test. And you passed.

Soldier: Yes sir. And the two other soldiers?

Will: Bring them with me, if that's alright.

Soldier: Of course, sir. Follow me, sir. Your group will go with Richards over here.

Will: Alright, see you in a while guys, or, soon.

Soldier 2: Alright, follow me, we gotta go through the paperwork.

Erika: What the hell is this? 

Soldier 2: I'm sorry?

Erika: Why do we gotta do paperwork?

Soldier 2: It's the best thing we can do, to find out what you're best at, in case you want to work. You have a choice, you know.

Erika: Are you dumb? The world is dead, take a look outside! Have you even been out there? What've you lost? And we still do paperwork?

Asher: Yeah, why paperwork?

Soldier: It's just for jobs. If you even want to work. We keep tabs on that stuff, in a file cabinet. And, if you must know, I lost my wife, my brother, my sister, my friends, and all my children.

The Soldier, Will, Miller, and Mason walk off to the building, while the group looks on in guilt as they walk off.

Will, Miller, and Mason walk into an office. A soldier, wearing glasses at the table is sitting there. He takes off his glasses and squints at the three. Will and the other two salute, then the soldier shrugs.

Jackson: Alright, at ease. Well, welcome to Fort Cessna. Hall, you apparently are the second-highest ranking officer here, after me. 

Hall: I'm sorry, sir? What are you implying?

Jackson: I haven't had a second in command for a long time,'re the new, second in command.

Beth and Asher step into the trailer they are assigned to, divided into three rooms of three people each. They walk into their assigned room, where they see a young Latino woman reading on one of the three twin-sized beds.

Woman: Hello.

Beth: Hey.

Women: You my new roommates?

Asher: Yeah, we were told to come into trailer #13, room #3. So I'm guessing this is it. I'm Asher, this is Beth.

Woman: Cool. I'm Leah Ashford. Nice to meet you.

She extends her hand and Asher shakes it.

Ashlynn sits on her bed, then looks out the window. She sees about nine kids playing tag in a small field and smiles. Brealynn sits on the bed next to her and then Kameron steps in after her.

Kameron: I hope these guys don't f-cking dictate whether or not we can decorate these rooms the way we want.

Ashlynn: I'm sure we can, it isn't that bad. I agree, they're taking the whole military thing way too seriously, but they aren't really dictating us. We're free to go anywhere we want in the community as we please. And we can leave this place anytime we want, if that makes us happy.

Kameron sets Sasha down in the bed and wraps her up in blankets. She tucks her in and sits next to her, stroking her hair.

Kameron: There is nothing I wouldn't do for him...

Just then there is a knock at the door. Ashlynn opens it, and sees it is a 21-year old woman, brandishing a bottle of champagne.

Woman: Hey! Welcome to Fort Cessna! How you doing?

Ashlynn: Great, thanks!

Woman: Well, if you need anything, I'll be in room #2, don't hesitate to stop by! Do you know what your jobs are yet?

Ashlynn: We don't, when will we find out?

Woman: In an hour or so after you sign the paper, maybe. Depends on how many people show up. Well, anyways, I work with animals if you ever want to talk to me and I'm not home. I'm McKayla, nice to meet you. This is a little housewarming gift, don't hesitate to come share it with me!

Ashlynn: Thanks! I'm Ashlynn, this is Kameron. My sister over there is Brealynn, and the baby is Sasha.

McKayla: Oh, they're so adorable. Well, stop by my place anytime you want, I have to get back to work. Thank you!

Ashlynn smiles at her and shuts the door, then looks at the bottle of champagne.

Ashlynn: I'm thinking we get Asher, Beth, Will- everyone in our group. Tonight we'll have a party at our place. Kameron smiles and takes the bottle of champagne with a bow around it, then sets it down behind Brealynn's bed.



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