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After Mason, along with Graydon, saved a military base camp, Mason told Graydon of Ellis' possible death. Graydon went back to the school with him and then Graydon, Mason, Miller, and Will left to find out whether or not she really died.


Willis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Graydon Hall

Dean Chang

Brealynn Taurus

Ashlynn Taurus

Kameron Carter

Beth Wring

Sasha Carter

Lady Slave

Asher Lucero

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Ellis Hall


Will, Graydon, Mason, and Miller walked into the collapsed room. The rubble was everywhere and the air was thick. It was all under two feet of snow and heavy enough to crush someone.

Will: Split up. She wouldn't go very far in if she was checking out a partly-collapsed roof.

Miller: We'll find her, Will. Don't worry and keep your hopes up.

Mason: God damnit it's cold in here!

Graydon: Pussy.

Will: We gotta check in the rubble too. Someone try to find a spot where they could get in.

They started to search around the perimeter of the rubble. Their boots made loud smacking sounds when their feet hit the water, splashing the wet splintered wood. Miller found a spot where there was a four foot by three foot opening.

Miller: Over here, I found a spot!

Will: Finally!

Everyone came splashing over to Miller and shined their flashlights on the spot.

Mason: Looks like it goes in about halfway through the pile. It's gonna be cold and wet as hell, though. I'll go in and try to find Ellis, you guys look for more spaces to get in.

Graydon: I'll go in with you, son.

Mason: No, if something collapses I don't want anyone else to die, we've lost too many. You stay back here and I'll yell for help if something collapses.

Graydon: It's my daughter. I'm going with you, it's definitely worth it to die for her.

Mason: Okay.

He nodded. Graydon put his hand on Mason's shoulder.

Graydon: Just so you know... My daughter made a good choice in you.

Mason nodded again.

Mason: Thank you, sir.

Graydon: Let's go get Ellis.

Will and Miller waited as Mason squeezed himself in, then Graydon followed. They each walked in separate directions and looked for more openings. Inside the rubble, Mason and Graydon crawled through, passing a two-by-four hanging from above. Water slowly dripped down and made a splat as it fell on Mason's nose. He brushed it off and they kept going.

Graydon: Hey Mason?

Mason: Yeah?

Graydon: Is water normally red?

Mason looked at the water and saw it was a dark red, stained with blood.

Mason: Where is that coming from?

He turned his body and sat up in the rubble, seeing where it was coming from. He heard a drip and looked down, seeing his side again. He pulled off his winter coat and saw the leather jacket stained red and blood seeping through the seams. It dripped down into th ewater. Just then Mason realized how tired he was. His eyelids weighed a ton. He fought to stay awake, but couldn't. When he toppled backwards, Graydon grabbed him just as he slammed into the side of the rubble. Wood started to creak and everything started to collapse.

Graydon: Shit!

He pulled Mason back just as everything fell. It went like dominoes. When it started where Mason was at, the collapsing all started to come towards Graydon. He dragged Mason through the water and pulled him towards the entrance. Before he got there, he felt something pull him back. He tried to move, but something was holding him there. He looked to his left to see his coat had gotten snagged on the two-by-four they passed earlier. The wood was all splintered so it was near impossible to pull off without ripping the jacket.

Graydon: God damnit, son of a bitch!

He pulled with all his might, but could not get it off. Just as the rubble almost collapsed on him, he felt a hand grasp his upper right arm. It pulled him back, ripping his left sleeve in half, and soon he was out of the pile, looking at the collapsed entrance. He saw Will on the ground behind him, panting.

Will: I saved your life, brother. What happened to Mason?

Graydon: He had his side wrapped up and I noticed it was bleeding. He passed out and fell back onto part of the rubble, made it all collapse. Should we get him out of here?

Will: Yeah.

Just then Ashlynn and Lady ran in.

Ashlynn: What happened?

Will: Mason passed out and part of the rubble collapsed. We're fine, by the way.

Ashlynn: Crap, let's get Mason back to the infirmary.

Will: Not yet, we have to find Ellis.

Ashlynn: If Mason bled so much he passed out, he needs immediate attention. Miller, help me get him back. You guys keep looking.

Graydon: Thank you ma'am.

Miller and Ashlynn picked up Mason and started carrying him back to the infirmary. Will and Graydon got up and started walking around. They went around to the other side.

Will: There!

Graydon: Oh, shit!

They saw Ellis, passed out, her upper body sticking out of the rubble and a walker stuck in the same fashion right next to her.

Will: Get her!

Graydon ran to Ellis and pulled her up as the walker looked at her and started to grab onto her. Suddenly she opened her eyes and looked at the walker with an enraged look on her face.

Ellis: God damn it, you assholes, you woke him up!!! What the hell?

Will ignored her and shot him, then walked over.

Ellis: I need some blood in my legs here, guys, little help?

Graydon: Don't worry, hon', I got ya.

Will: Push, Ellis. Get this shit off of you.

Ellis: I'm tryin', shut yer trap.

Ellis pushed up with her legs and Will and Graydon lifted up the rubble. Dust and snow fell all over and Ellis pulled herself out from under it, drenched in water. She stood up slowly, stretching.

Ellis: Ahhhhhhh, damn that feels good. Let's go.

She casually walked off and Will and Graydon looked at each other, confused. They followed her and walked into the lobby, where Dean, Brealynn, Ellis, Lady, and Miller were standing.

Miller: You okay, Ellis?

Ellis: Shut up asshole, I'm fine.

Will: We found her stuck under the rubble, next to a walker.

Dean: Walker? Now how the hell did that get there?

Miller: Maybe from the roof?

Graydon: No way, unless you assholes are dipshits.

Ellis: Calm down, it wandered in through that spot where the wall collapsed and I hit it with a two-by and it fell on top of some, so I pulled a piece down and a whole lot more came down than I thought, and it trapped him down there. I think you guys really need to close the gate.

Dean: What?

Will: Shit! When Summer went out to get Kameron and her family, she got knocked out by the gate and froze to death out there. I went and got 'em, but didn't pick up Summer or close the gate. Walkers are gonna stumble in here pretty soon, we have to shut that gate.

Miller: It's too dangerous, the snowstorm is still raging on out there.

Just then, the main doors opened and Asher, Jasper, and Joshua stepped in, holding pots full of pork, corn, and stew.

Joshua: We got the food.

Dean: How the hell did you makee it through that?

Jasper: The walkers? They're easy. Slow as hell, but we should go close the gate.

Will: No, the snowstorm! How did you get through?

Asher: It's done, go see for yourself.

Will opened the door and looked out, seeing twenty walkers scattered across the snowy fields and the open gate, but no snowstorm. He looked up at the sky, seeing a bright clean blue with only a few milky white clouds.

Will: Oh shit... Guys, come look at this! It's beautiful!

Everyone came and looked, seeing the amazing scene.

Asher: Wait a sec'... Where's Ashlynn? What about Beth, Summer, and Mason?

Will: Ashlynn and Beth are fine, they're helping Mason up in the infirmary, he got cut or something when he went to save a group from the walkers. Summer... She was the one who died out there saving that lady, Kameron. She had... She had twin babies, but.... B-but one of them... Just... It didn't. Sasha is pretty great, though. And also-

Brealynn: Look! Look!

Lady: Oh no!

The group looked, seeing a litter of puppies next to the mother dog, who was unconscious.

Miller: Oh, shit!

He ran to the dog's bed and grabbed the nearby stethoscope, then pressed it against the mother's chest. He then set it down, saddened.

Miller: Natural causes. The mother died in childbirth, but the pups are fine. We need to dig four more graves.

Jasper: Four? Why four?

Will: The dog, Summer, and the baby. Also Kameron's husband.

Asher: Is he the guy that fell over out there before Summer died?

Will: Yeah. We should go.

Brealynn: Wait, can me and Lady have this puppy? Please?

Dean: Of course you can, what do you want to name her?

They whispered into each other's ears for a few seconds and then looked up, smiling.

Lady: Guiness!

Everyone chuckled.

Will: Guiness? You sure?

Brealynn: Yep!

Will shook his head, smiling, then looked out at the graves.

Will: C'mon.

So they went out, dug the four graves, held a burial and a funeral, and then life went on. The ice shattered, snow melted, and people got happy again. After about two weeks there was only a very thin layer of snow on the ground, more like frost really. A week later, Mason confided Will a secret and the two decided to go out on a run.

Graydon: Be careful out there.

Will: Always am.

The two walked out, then Asher closed the gate and went back inside. Jasper, who was on watch, nodded and they walked off into the woods.

Mason: So, we know what we're looking for, right?

Will: Yeah. It'll be a piece of cake.

They walked around until they found three walkers. They killed all of them and searched their bodies.

Mason: Here's one.

Will: And here's another one. Perfect, let's go back.

They went back, and then everyone started to settle down again, letting their guard down. Mason knocked on Graydon's door. After awhile, he answered, smiling.

Graydon: Hey Mason. C'mon in.

He stepped in and closed the door, then sat on Graydon's armchair while Graydon layed down on the couch.

Mason: So... Have you seen Ellis around?

Graydon: Saw her go into the gym building about half an hour ago, why?

Mason: Because I needed to talk to you about something.

Graydon: Anything, son.

Mason: Well... I have no idea how long I have left. It might be a day, an hour, a week, a year, months... Who knows? But it doesn't matter how long it is, I just want to spend all of that time with Ellis, so I'm asking you... For your permission to marry her. Before it's too late.

Graydon stared at Mason, smiling.

Graydon: Got the rings?

Mason: Yeah, Will and I got them on our run a couple days ago. And also... You see, Ellis told me you used to be a minister, so I was hoping you could marry us, we could maybe put together a little wedding.

Graydon: I already told ya Ellis made a good choice, wasn't that permission enough for ya? Of course I'll let ya marry my daughter, son.

Mason: Thank you. I'll go talk to her.

Hours later, Ellis was staring at Mason, who was down on one knee. He gently placed the ring in her hand and said:

Mason: Will you marry me?

Ellis looked at him, giggled, then shook her head.

Ellis: Nah, I'm good. Later loser.

Mason's eyes widened in shock and he felt tears coming up as Ellis walked away. Suddenly she turned around, laughing harder than he'd ever seen before.

Ellis: I'm just kiddin', asshole! What the hell is wrong with you? Yeah, why not?

He smiled and they embraced. Three days later, Graydon stood in front of them, the whole group behind them. On Ellis' side, Will, Miller, Dean, and Joshua sat. On Mason's side, Asher, Ashlynn, Brealynn, Beth, Kameron, Sasha, Lady, and Jasper sat. After the long speech Graydon gave, he shut the bible.

Graydon: I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride

Everyone cheered and whooped as the two kissed and smiled, then held and hands and smiled at the group.

Will: That's my boy! Whoo!

Miller: Nice job, man.

Mason smiled at all of his friends.




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