Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Brad Cott grew up with a wealthy family. He never really had a job and just worked out. He never went to college. He is calm but sometimes has anger outbursts. One day, he came home from the gym and found his parents dead, and went to the high scool he was planning to go to before he was expelled from middle school. He now spends time

Brad Cott just before being expelled.

skeet shooting plates and working out.


When he found his parents dead after a day at the gym, he ran to Capital High School and found a man there, Alexander DeLarge. Alexander let Brad stay and two new people came. One day, he got thirsty and went to the cafeteria. Summer came to him, screaming that Jasper needed the gate open. He opened it for Jasper and the new guy, Joshua Bishop.


Brad'll last after Season 2, I'll give you that much. -Xraymoon102 (talk) 00:00, March 8, 2013 (UTC)