This is the thirteenth episode of Season 4, premiering on October 26th, 2013. It is written by Xraymoon102 and Googlespark.


The group threw a party to celebrate before the team leaves for California, but the music drew a large amount of walkers. THey killed them with two grenades, but that just started to draw even more walkers...


Asher lies on his bed, his hair messy and his eyes deep red. Graydon and Ellis sit in their trailer, a worried look on their faces. Will walks along the wall, a worried look on his face too. Someone screams "LOOK OUT!" Another person screams "GET DOWN!" Gunshots go off, and people scream. RIley says, "How can we go to California so soon when all this is going on?" Jackson says "It's my orders." Riley is heard yelling, "You son of a bitch! You don't give orders, you give death sentences! I should kill you right now!" Jackson is seen sitting against a wall, a barrel of a gun in his face. He says "You do this, then you're just as bad as me." Riley is seen pointing a gun down, thinking...


Asher lies on his bed, feeling hungover. He was blackout drunk last night. No liqour was at the party, which slightly annoyed him, so he had taken Ashlynn's bottle of champagne. He looks over the edge of his bed, seeing the shattered glass bottle on the floor. He looks at the bed next to his, where Echo Bearclaw is sleeping. Under him is Joe Bearclaw. Echo wakes up to a start, his eyes wide. When he sees Asher, he relaxes and leans back.

Echo: Jesus man, you look like hammered shit. There was no alcohol at the party, how'd you score that?

Asher: Ugh... I stole my girlfriend's bottle of champagne... No alcohol my ass... That little Jackson shit has no clue how to party.

Echo: Ha... Yeah... 

Asher: Did you hear the bad news about the California Expedition?

Echo: No, what was it?

Asher: Will told me last night. Apparently the guys in California lost a guy, so we have to go the day after tomorrow.

Echo: No shit?

Asher: None at all... Sucks ass...

Echo: Yeah... That's just less time I get to spend with Joe.

Asher: He your brother? Or son?

Echo: He's my adopted son. His parents were too young, so they had no choice but to put him up for adoption. My wife... We never found out what happened to her. She was in Alaska for a business trip when it all started, I could never get ahold of her. Joe was really upset over that.

Asher: I'm sorry.

Echo: Don't be. I don't know if it's just me or not, but I honestly don't believe any of us will survive this trip.

Asher: Why not?

Echo: If thirty well'armed and fully trained soldiers can't do it, then neither can we.

Asher stares at him as Erika, who is on the bed under Asher, stirs in her sleep and opens her eyes.

Erika: What the hell is with all the glass down here?

Echo: Asher decided to have some fun without us last night.

Erika: He what now?

Echo: He stole some champagne and chugged the whole bottle on his own.

Asher laughs, and Erika does the same.

Over at the eastern end of the wall, Riley and Sergeant Daniel are standing, looking down at the swarm of limpers.

Daniel: Jesus.

Riley: The music and grenades last night must've drawn a lot. We need to clear some out, go get Jackson, Will, and your brother.

Daniel: You got it.

Daniel hops down and starts running over to the command center. Riley aims down at one of the limpers, about to shoot, but then changes his mind when he sees ten more emerging from the trees. He sighs, then sets his gun down. When Jackson, Will, and the Daniels show up, Riley points down at the walkers. Will looks down at them, worried.

Riley: Your half-assed attempt at a "party" did this overnight. Last night we had about fifty, but Bocker and I brought them down with a few grenades. The noise of that mixed with the music must've drawn them all to here. More keep coming, and I have no idea how we're gonna bring them all down without just drawing even more.

Jackson: It wasn't a half-assed attempt at a party-

Will: God damn it, that's not the point! The limpers are the problem, so can we please stay focused on that without getting sidetracked by your bullshit?

Jackson: Watch it. I got a solution, how about you f-cking shoot them?

Sgt. D: Dipshit, that'll only draw even more.

Will: We at least need to spread them out so they aren't all attacking one spot, but we need to keep them away from the gate. That's the most vulnerable part of the walls.

Pvt. D: Good idea.

Jackson: Great idea. Daniel, you guys both get in a pickup and start trying to herd them all around the walls. I'll have men up on the walls keeping them in one spot. That way as you drive there'll be less and less following you until they're all spread evenly.

Riley: I'll ride in the back, it'll attract more.

Will: I'll go too.

Jackson: Alright, you guys go get a pickup while I let everyone know.

Twenty minutes later, Bocker and Miller are at the gate, waiting to pull it open. Sgt. Daniel drives the pickup truck up to the gate, with Pvt. Daniel in the passenger seat and Will and Riley in the back. Bocker and Miller pull it open, and they drive through the gaping entrance. They quickly shut it and get into position. Will looks back, seeing Ellis and Graydon watching them drive off, looking sad. Mason is next to them, bandages wrapped around his head and his curly hair sticking out from the top. He is in horrible shape. They drive around to the east side of the wall, where Jackson and Bocker are at the top. Bocker nods at Will, who does the same. Suddenly, a horrified look appears on his face.

Bocker: LOOK OUT!

Sgt. Daniel: GET DOWN!

Will and Riley turn to see hundreds upon hundreds of walkers piling over each other to get out at the pickup. Riley quickly grabs his M60 and sets the barrel on the edge of the truckbed, then begins firing the heavy rounds at the horde. People are heard screaming inside the walls. Several collapse on the ground while others are simply ripped apart, but overall it doesn't seem to make a dent. Will looks over at Jackson, who is watching in wonder. Will gets angered, then looks down at the walkers at the wall, who are all now going for the truck. Daniel floors it, sending Will flying towards the tailgate. His head slams into it and he shouts in pain, but gets back up. The M60 stops firing, its ammo completely burnt.

Riley: Come on, go!

Pvt. Daniel: Get to the gate!

Will: Wait, no- DON'T GO TO THE GATE!

Pvt. Daniel: What? Daniel, just get over to the gate!

Sgt. Daniel: No, he's right, man! We lead them to the gate and Fort Cessna'll be overrun in ten minutes. Innocent people will die! Our only mission now is to keep the people inside there safe.

Will sees Bocker and Jackson up top, yeling to the other soldiers atop the walls.

Will: I have an idea. I'm gonna jump out and lead them all away, so you guys can get the truck inside and keep the people inside safe. When you guys are inside, I'll make my way over to Bocker, he'll pull me up there.

Riley: Will-

Will: Don't. It's the only right thing to do.

Riley looks at him in reluctance, then nods.

Riley: Good luck.

Will nods to Riley, then takes a deep breath. He sits on the edge of the moving truck, then slides off and rolls across the half-dead grass.

Will jumps off the truck, but doesn't attract much attention, so he shouts at them. Without realizing the there were about 15 walkers to his right, and 50 to his left.


Will is pushed by a stray walker, but reacts by shoving his elbow into the walker's face, stunning it. And as he does this, he sees the walkers in every direction, except behind him. Will's first instinct was to run back, but then he would just lead them to the truck. So he pulls out a bowie knife nearly the size of a machete, and runs to his right decapitating anything that comes near him. Once he had escaped the walker death trap, he yelled out to them again.


Will turns around to see yet another group of only 5 walkers. He takes out about half of them, and keeps running away from Fort Cessna, yelling as he goes to attract more walkers. This goes on for about 15 more minutes, before Will does a U-Turn into a walker, hoping to start returning to Fort Cessna. The same happens, decapitation and continuing to run from the undead hordes. Will is killing walkers without even thinking now, and his sanity slowly dripping away.

Will: Holy shit...

Will then looks to his left, and sees hundreds of walkers. Instantly snapping back to reality, he sees that his plan to draw all the walkers away worked! Just that moment, Will trips on a rock and falls face first onto the ground. He gets up in less than a second, and jumps at the sight of the horde within ten feet of him.

Will: Dear Mother of God...

Adrenaline jumps through Will's body as he turns tail, and starts sprinting as fast as an Olympic runner. Will makes it back to the walls of Fort Cessna within a minute and yells up to bocker, attracting a few walkers that ened up staying behind. Bocker and Jackson are sitting on chairs on the wall when they hear Will.

Sgt. Bocker: There's Will!

Jackson: I know that. Now help him up, grunt.

Bocker turns the safety off his Glock, and is tempted to unload on Jackson, but remembers Will.

Sgt. Bocker: Hold on Will, I'm coming!

He jumps off the wall, and gives Will a boost up. Will gets on top of the wall, and reaches down for Bocker's hand. He starts to pull up Bocker, and is almost up, but the few walkers reached the wall, and began to tear into his flesh with their rotted teeth.

Sgt. Bocker: OH GOD! I'M BITTEN!

Will pulls up Bocker all the way, and lays him down on the wall.

Will: Look, you're gonna be alright, we can amputate your legs, you can live...

Sgt. Bocker: Will... If I can't fight walkers, I can't live.

Just then, Riley climbs up the steps, and slides over to Johnathan. Will gets up and looks over the wall, seeing the walkers begin the emerge from the forest again.

Riley: Alright Bocker... You... Are a good man. We'll have a proper burial and everything. But not until you turn, you can still live for a while.

Sgt. Bocker: Yeah I guess... Take this, It may be of some help to you.

Bocker pulls a small journal out of his pocket, and hands it to Riley.

Sgt. Bocker: If you can... Maybe you should read it. Remember, you don't have to be bi-

A loud gunshot goes off, and Jackson is standing there with a smoking gun. Jackson says nothing, and walks away to a trailer. Riley is still leaning over Bocker's corpse, when a sudden rage overcomes him, and he pulls the glock out of Bocker's holster, puts the journal his his pocket, and follows Jackson to the trailer. Riley hides the glock in his back pocket, and busts into the trailer Jackson is in.

Jackson: Hey! Get out!

Riley: We need to have a talk. Now.

Jackson: No, we can talk late-

Riley: NOW!

Jackson sits down.

Riley: That's what I thought.

Riley: We can't... How can we go to California so soon when all this is going on?

Jackson: What do you mean we? It's THEM. Not WE. Learn so grammars.

Riley: Now, with the unfortunate loss of Sgt. Bocker...

Riley stops for a minute, then continues.

Rley: I'm going with them.

Jackson: No, you can't go with them.


Jackson: It's my orders.



All in one movement, Riley punches Jackson in the face, drags him over to the wall of the trailer, and slams his head into it. Jackson looks up with blood all over him and a few missing teeth, only to see the barrel of a Glock 17 in his face.


Jackson: Of course I have emotions you stupi-

Riley Slams the handle of the Glock into Jackson's head, making a large bruise. If Riley had his as hard as he could, Jackson would be dead now. Riley puts the barrel of the gun up to Jackson's head one more time.

Jackson: You do this, then you're just as bad as me.

Riley points his gun down... Thinking about what Jackson said.

Riley: I'm giving you one more chance. Next time you pull shit like that, I will kill you.

Riley hits Jackson over the head one more time before he slowly walks to the door, and slams it behind him.

Hours later, Riley looks for Will, remembering something that Bocker had said. Bocker couldn't finish before Jackson "interrupted", but Riley knows what he was trying to say.

Riley: Hey Will, you over here?

Will gets up and walks over to Riley from his chair.

Will: Right here, what do you need?

Riley: Remember when you and the others took off in the helicopter, to Oregon?

Will: Yeah, why?

Riley: When I yelled to you, while you took off... Did you hear it?

Will: No... Why?

Riley: To become a walker... You don't have to be bitten.

Will: I saw a walker, in a farm house I stayed in while looking for supplies in Oregon, and he had no bite marks or scratch marks... He died of starvation.

Riley: Yes, the infection is in all of us... But when walkers bite us, it speeds up the process.

Will: That makes more sense... That's all?

Riley: No... I think I know how to get rid of the walkers outside.


  • Sgt. Bocker

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