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Main Weapon:




Season 1 Auditions (19 Will be chosen) <CLOSED>

Asher Lucero: Age 27

Elijah Monroe: Age 21

Sean Creswell: Age 29

Bryson Davidson: Age 18

Maddie Stratten: Age 43

Maddie Smith: Age 20

Ashlynn Taurus: Age 26

Brooklynn Taurus: Age 6

Brealynn Taurus: Age 4

Emma Walton: Age 19

Analee Elsenbeck: Age 76

Luan Stephens: Age 24

Jair Paz: Age 17

Willis Hall: Age 24

Jordan Gropp: Age 26

Nathan Jackson: Age 27

Jazmine Guadycan: Age 28

Delayne Parra: Age 19

Lauren Faunre: Age 27

Season 2 Auditions (11 Will be Chosen) <CLOSED>

Alexander DeLarge: Age 22

Joshua Bishop: Age 32

Aaron Madison: Age 22

Jason Madison: Age 22

Brock White: Age 33

Brad Cott: Age 23

Philip Jackson: Age 55

Ramona Merril: Age 28

Jasper Lionell: Age 19

Summer Field: Age 30

Beth Wring: Age 28

Season 3 Auditions (6 Will be Chosen) <CLOSED>

Erika Munnyey: Age 31

Lady Slave: Age 9

Teagan Carlson: Age 12

Kameron Carter: Age 23

Dean Chang: Age 24

Pvt. Katie: Age 19

Season 4 Auditions (21 Will be Chosen) <CLOSED>

Echo Bearclaw: Age 35

Joe Bearclaw: Age 6

Mark Woods: Age 31

Wallace Walls: Age 24

Tigeris Drew: Age 14

Jayden Marco: Age 37

Mark Skix: Age 42

Tyler Boone: Age 23

McKayla Case: Age 30

John Harris: Age 30

Peter "Kill" Shields: Age 25

Juwan Majors: Age 21

Jeremy Lacey: Age 24

Brittany Rose: Age 16

Joe Rose: Age 27

Corey Stevenson: Age 21

James Stevenson: Age 16

Hannah Sandler: Age 16

Leah Ashford: Age 23

John "Heisenberg" Harris: Age 30

Nathan Treacy: Age 20

Season 5 Auditions (7 Will be Chosen) <CLOSED>

Dakota Dessaray: Age 26

Max Jacob Jones: Age 15

Lainey Jackson: Age 22

Alex Jones: Age 15

Billy "Leroy" Jenkins: Age 16

Seth Willis: Age 3

Wyatt Lennison: Age 25

New System

Because the audition number was too low to make a Season 5, a character was made by Xraymoon102 and was added in so Season 5 could be made. Now, since DAU isn't getting many auditions, a new system has been created.

New Formula






What this character would add to the story:

There won't be a set amount of characters added per season, but with this new system, whenever we do get auditions, if we feel the character auditioned would add more to the story and we want them in, then they will be chosen.