This is the fifth episode of Season 5, titled At Long Last. It premiered on February 15, 2014.


Everything went wrong in California. Many people were lost, including Asher. Reese was nearly killed by a surviving soldier of the California militia, PFC Tandy, but PFC Tayson, the one man they rescued, put him down. After leaving Tandy to reanmate, the survivors of the expedition escaped California and flew off with no time to spare. On the way back, WIll, Erika, Jasper, Reese, Tyler, and Miller were all overcome with grief from Asher's death.


Brealynn is seen aiming a gun at something, looking determined. Riley and Jackson sit at a table, having a beer together. Joshua and Beth are seen walking through the community. Ashlynn is seen sitting next to Beth and Joshua on a bench. In every scene, the sky is dark and cloudy and everyone is dressed in warm clothes, such as beanies and coats. Private Daniel is seen helping Lady fire a gun. Trailer ends with the AC-130 the California Expedition used lightly touching on the runway of Fort Cessna. 


A door shuts, and Ashlynn steps outside of her trailer. She has a knitted light pink beanie on and a dark blue coat. She walks around the community under the dark storm clouds, seeing kids playing and couples wandering around. She sees Beth's trailer, where Joshua probably is, as well as Lady and Brealynn. She looks over her shoulder at the command center, where smoke is rising from the top.


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