Not much is known about Ashlynn's life before the apocalypse begun other then she worked as a nurse at St. Luke's Hospital. She was off-duty at the time of the outbreak. Ashlynn has two younger sisters, Brooklynn, 6. And Brealynn,

Ashlynn Taurus

4. Ashlynn hinted slightly in Episode 1 that her parents died but is trying not to let Brooklynn and Brealynn figure it out.


Ashlynn was at home when a walker tried to break in to her house. Ashlynn was babysitting Brooklynn and Brealynn at the time, so she tried to keep them calm as the walker pounded on the windows and doors. Ashlynn opened the door to let the walker in so she could kill it with her 9mm. Zip Gun. Ashlynn then took the girls to her neighbor's house next night, who already had 12 other survivors staying at her house.


  • Ashlynn lives next to Analee.
  • Ashlynn is one of the few group members who have living relatives in the group.