Asher Lucero
 Gender 	     Male
 Hair 	             Black
 Age 	             27
 Occupation	     None
 Relations 	     Ashlynn Taurus
 First Appearance    Episode 1: Rise From the Dead
 Last Appearance     N/A
 Death 	             N/A
 Cause of Death      N/A
 Status 	     Alive
 Series lifespan     Episode 1: Rise From the Dead
                     to present
 Ethnicity 	     African-American

"None of us know how long we have. We just have to push further and further, until we get to a point where we can't fight anymore." Asher Lucero to Beth Wring before boarding the helicopter.

Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Asher was a loner before the apocalypse, scavenging food on the streets and living on his own in Bitterroot National

Asher about to kill a walker at the school.

Forest. He was trapped there because his parents evicted him from his grandparents' old house they left his parents after they died. During his time in the forest, he witnessed many terrible things including a murder, a kidnapping, and arson. He also had to keep several animals such as deer and elk safe from poaching. One night, when he was getting ready for bed, an undead cannibal attacked him from behind. He tackled Asher to the ground and tried to bite him. Asher grabbed his toothbrush and jammed it into the walker's left eye socket. He hated himself for it and picked up his hammer. About to kill himself, he saw several walkers closing in and growling. He came out of his shell and went, as he now calls it, "apeshit" on the oncoming walkers. This hardened him and turned him into a man who was ready to fight.


Asher had killed several walkers in a frenzy when he was attacked in the woods. The first thing he decided to do was run into the nearest city and kill as many as he could. Using only a hammer, he killed a whole herd of them and continued on. He learned how the brain was the only way when suddenly a gunshot was heard. He followed the sound of the shot and found a man being eaten with a Baretta 92FS in his hand. Asher killed the walkers eating the man and took his gun. Asher then raided the nearby gun shop in town and filled up a whole truckload of guns, and he cleared out every last thing. He then drove the Ford F-150 around and started to search every house he saw. Eventually he reached a house where an elderly woman and three others were staying. He decided to stay with them and they helped him through his hardships.


  • Asher is the only African-American in the group that began the series.
  • Asher was chosen to be the primary muscle of the group.
    • Asher is Willis' right hand man, due to his loyalty to him.