THis is the seventh episode of Season 4, titled Almost There. It premiered on August 11th, 2013.


After hijacking an abandoned locomotive, the group settled in it and started moving along the tracks towards the hangar. But Dean was bitten and then amputated in the chaos, and is now unconscious. After stopping for more wood, they started moving again, and then started to run out of wood again...


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Jasper Lionell

Hannah Reese

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Erika Munnyey

Joshua Bishop

Beth Wring

Dean Chang

Brealynn Taurus

Kameron Carter

Sasha Carter

Lady Slave

Graydon Hall

Ellis Hall


Will: Alright...time to get more wood....

Reese: Don't stop yet, we can go until the wood burns out, then stop and chop down more trees. Obviously we're gonna need more then last time.

Graydon: We've done about 40 miles so far, now we've got about 250 more to go.

Will: Ugh...god.

Graydon:'s gonna suck.

Reese: Oh, come on. Don't be a big baby. We can tough it out. I lived alone all by myself until I met you guys.

Will: But you're an Army Ranger. 

Will, Reese, and Graydon continue to argue for minutes. Brealynn walks from the passenger car, to the train, where they're arguing. She gasps, and points down the tracks, where several zombies stand on the corner. Will and Reese don't notice, and Graydon completely ignores Brealynn. She starts jumping up and down frantically.

Will: What is it Brealynn?

Brealynn: The creatures!

Suddenly the train rounds the corner, and a loud thud is heard. A mangled undead body flies over the nose of the train, landing on the roof of the passenger car, then rolls off. Up front, a large group of the undead, possibly five-hundred, are standing on the tracks, and part of the cliffside. Reese clamps the brakes, slowing down the train. Will blows the horn twice, and the undead began to shamble towards the train.

Brealynn: Oh no!

Will: Guns! Everyone get armed, take positions! Someone go tell everyone, and get Asher out here to help me! Reese, get on top of the train! GO GO GO!

Everyone frantically runs around the cars, grabbing guns, machetes, and everything they'll need. Reese jumps up and pulls herself to the top of the train. There she pulls up her assault rifle and starts shooting walkers from afar. The train pulls itself to a stop, and Will jumps down, followed by Asher. They start shooting walkers with their pistols and killing them with hammers and knives. Ashlynn and Erika lift up Dean onto a mattress they found in one of the cars and then grab two axes.

Ashlynn: Did you see where Brealynn went?

Ellis: She was in the front car with Will, I'm sure she'll be okay! Just help me get Miller and mason up on the mattress!

Graydon helped her, then they slid the car door shut and he lifted up his axe. And they waited. Kameron, in the car behind them, cradled Sasha. Joshua stood guard at the shut door with Beth, silent. In the last car behind that, Jasper and Lady were behind the second mattress behind the wall, hiding with the door shut.

Up front, Reese had completely forgotten about Brealynn. She started shooting walkers from the opposite end Will and Asher were on. She kept firing, and then she looked over her shoulder in front of the train. To her horror, she saw more than five-hundred walkers shambling towards the train. She gasped, then lied down flat on her stomach. She looked over at Will and Asher, who were completely unaware. She didn't know what to do, so she just lied there. A minute later, she heard the door below creak open. As she crawled over to the edge of the train, she slipped, then grabbed on but banged her hip against the side of the train, knocking her 9mm pistol off her belt. She gasped, then pulled herself back up, then looked down. She saw Brealynn whimpering, then she looked up at Reese. Hannah put her hand down for Brealynn, then gestured for her to grab it. Brealynn grabs the pistol, and runs back up to the platform. A walker limps over to the train, and pulls itself up. Brealynn studders, then squeezes the trigger. The bullet hits the undead in the shoulder, fires again and hits it in the chest. She fires a third time, missing the corpse, she fires one last time, hitting the undead in the head. It falls back off the platform. 

Brealynn: I got one! 

Reese: Good! Now come on up here! 

Reese reaches down and grabs Brealynn's hand. She grabs Reese's hand, and pulls herself up. She uses the emergency brake as a foothold, releasing the brake. Brealynn pulls herself onto the top of the train. It lurches, then slowly rolls forward. Reese grins, then takes off her shoulder bandolier and places it around Brealynn's shoulder. The bandolier is so large it droops down to her knees. Reese reloads her M4 and fires down on the undead. 

Reese: When the action on the top goes back, hit the button on the side, take the thing that drops and put it in an empty pocket, then put another little box with a bullet on the top into the gun and flick the action forward, then you can fire again, got it?

Brealynn: I think so.

Another walker climbs aboard the train and stands in the engine room, trying to reach above the train. Brealynn aims her pistol down at the walker, and fires, hitting the walker in the hand. She fires again, hitting the walker in the head. She smiles, then fires another round, hitting a walker far away in the foot. The action slides back, and Brealynn turns the gun on its side, looks around for the button, hits it, and the magazine slides out, hitting her in the foot.

Brealynn: Ow!

Reese: You're fine! Now hurry and reload!

Brealynn bends down, picks up the magazine and opens a pocket, takes the loaded magazine, and places the empty one in its spot. She puts the magazine in the gun, then hits it in. She struggles to pull the action forward, then it slides forward. She looks down into the engine room, where three walkers stand. She fires at one, hitting it's shoulder, fires again, hitting it in the hand. She groans, then fires two rounds, hitting it in the head. She laughed, then fires twice, hitting the other walker in the head once, and the shoulder twice. She turns around and slowly walks to the other end of the train towards the front. She sees Will outside and halfway in the woods, kicking a zombie away. Asher tries to shoot it off Will, but his gun jammed. Brealynn looks down the sight, and fires, hitting the walker in the shoulder. She aims again, and shoots it in the same spot again. She aims one last time, and takes a deep breath, then fires, hitting the walker in the head. Will gets up and looks at the train, where Brealynn is standing. She raises her pistol, then jumps up and down. Will smiles, then reloads his M4. Reese grabs Brealynn's gun and reloads it, then picks her up.

Reese: Walkers are coming from the front! There has to be at least a thousand of them, I have to go get them before they overwhelm the train! You have to go into one of the cars and hide with Ashlynn, come on!

Brealynn: Okay!

Reese hops down onto the platform and helps Brealynn down, then opens the car door and lets Brealynn in. She slams it shut, then jumps off the platform, seeing several walkers up against, trying to grab at her. She kicks one down and jumps off, then starts sprinting over to Asher and Will, who are now in the forest. Asher is decimating walkers with his hammer while Will uses a hatchet. Reese sees a walker coming from Will's side, of which he is completely unaware. Reese raises her M4 and shoots it in the head, and they turn around.

Reese: Come on, there are like a thouasand walkers coming from in front of the train, we can't be outside when they get there!

Will: We can't, we have to get wood!

Reese: What?

Will: Remember? We're low, we have to get enough that we can get through that swarm without getting derailed!

Asher: Help me distract them so Will can get the log over there!

Reese runs over to Will, then kicks a walker back and starts yelling at the top of her lungs. Will runs past them and gets to the log, then starts banging his hatchet against it. After about ten minutes, he has an armful of wood and Asher and Reese have grabbed armfuls. They start running over to the train, which has been rolling along towards the large herd. Asher sprints and gets there first, then jumps up ono the platform. He grabs Hannah's hand, pulls her up, then does the same with Will. He runs over, throws wood into the firepit, and then waited. After about two minutes, when the walkers where about twenty yards away, the steam had built up and Will pulled the throttle lever, and then train started gaining speed.

Will: Hold on!

The train went faster and faster until finally it reached the herd. It plowed through, knocking over fifty walkers aside within ten seconds. The train shudders and buckles, then shakes around and tilts to the left side, but then thankfully pulls back. Black and dark red fluids burst all over, soaking the front and sides of the train. After a minute or so, they finally get through all of the walkers. The train gains speed, then gets back to normal, and Reese smiles.

Reese: I'll go let everyone know we're all okay.

Brealynn: I wanna go too! 

Reese: Ok...put the pistol in the holster on the bandolier.

Brealynn pushes the action forward, then places the pistol in the holster. Reese walks down the first train car, where Ashlynn, Jasper, and Graydon are sitting. Ashlynn gasps when she sees Brealynn carrying the pistol and bandolier.

Ashlynn: Where did you get this!? You aren't allowed to have a gun!

Brealynn: But I did good! Reese gave it to me!

Ashlynn: You gave her a gun!?

Reese: It was in the moment. I needed help holding the train.

Ashlynn: Why would you give it to her? She's 5!

Reese: Oh, please. It's better if she has one!

Ashlynn: Reese! She needs proper training!

Reese: Are you god damn...serious? You could possibly be the stupidest person I've ever met. I'm an Army Ranger. I could teach her. Besides, I'm pretty sure she knows how to use a gun. It's not that hard if you use your head.

Ashlynn: She's 5! I'd be more then happy to let you teach her, but not over a half hour!

Reese: Bullshit. 

Graydon: Guys, shut up. Please, you're givin' me a headache.

Ashlynn: Brealynn, give me the gun.

Brealynn: Aww, okay.

Reese: I bet you're just a helicopter parent.

Ashlynn: JUST STOP!! You don't know what it's like to be a parent!

Reese: Oh really? I had two sons and a daughter before this all started and I had to watch them get torn apart! Have you gone through that?

Ashlynn: I-

Reese: HAVE YOU?!?!

Ashlynn: Hannah, I... I'm sorry. I had no idea.

Reese: Stop, don't pull any bullshit. Just... Give me a minute.

Ashlynn turns around and walks over to Mason and Ellis, who is bending over him, waiting.

Ashlynn: When do you think he'll wake up?

Ellis: If he does. All we can do is hope. 


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