Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Alexander "DeLarge" as his gang members called him, was a ruthless man even before the outbreak. He was a gang leader, drug dealer, and former prisoner. He killed a lot of people in his time.


Alexander was in southern Washington on a big drug trade when the apocalypse hit. He basically grabbed all the

Alexander DeLarge planning a drug deal.

drugs he could and left. Any new groups he found, he would kill as many as he can, secretly. Sometimes he would even take them ALL out in their sleep, while he was on watch. He finally found a safe place with people at a local high school...


Alexander is going to play a big role in this season, I'll give you that. But! He may last longer than most of you think. -Xraymoon102 (talk) 01:38, January 25, 2013 (UTC)