Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Aaron Madison was a cop before the outbreak. He knows how to hunt and uses his police baton a lot. He developed

Aaron gearing up to chase a speeding drunk.

a great relationship with his twin brother, Jason Madison, and always comes to his aid in a time of need. The two were raised in a nice family and are very nice people.


Aaron was with his brother, Jason, before the apocalypse. When the news reports started, they quickly traveled to their parents' house and found them both lying in bed. Jason went to wake them up, but when he lifted the covers he found a bullet mark in his father's chest and his mother holding a gun in her hand, a bullet mark in her belly. They were rattled and they left quickly, going out of town. After leaving Portland, the pair developed a system of survival. They would fire a full clip of ammo at one area, climb onto the rooftop, and jump from roof to roof top where they wanted to go. This system worked, until they got shot at by a crazy man named Philip Jackson. He missed, but the twins had to leave the city and into the forest. A week later,

Aaron Madison

Jason was mauled by a bear. Aaron killed it and carried Jason to the side of the highway, where he found a humvee speeding along the highway. He waved them down and the people were kind enough to help him, taking him and his brother to Will's cabin.


Aaron will play a big part in the fate of Will and Asher's group. In some ways, he will save some. In other ways, he will kill some. -Xraymoon102 (talk) 22:53, February 5, 2013 (UTC)