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Ashlynn was captured and Jazmine's arm was cut off. Will was found in a dith by Luan and Asher and brought back to camp. The steel mill group that captured Ashlynn came back and demanded they get back their prisoner, Ben. Asher refused and their leader, Hudson, ordered his men to kill the group. Shots were fired and Maddie Stratten was shot to death.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Jordan Gropp

Lauren Faunre

Jazmine Guadycan

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Emma Walton

Hudson Mayer

Ben Gawea


In the moment, Asher felt stunned. He couldn't move. Hudson, that evil bastard, had shot Maddie Stratten down. She crumpled to the ground softly, as if nothing had caused her pain, just drifting off to sleep. Blood sprayed from her neck where the bullet had hit. Luan dove behind their truck, the Ford F-150. Jordan and the others also took cover, behind the log, behind the trees, and into the thick forest. The men kept firing.

Hudson: Stop! Wait!

The shots stopped.

Hudson (Whisper): Jared, take Kenneth and Ryan around the truck, take them out.

Right as they moved, Hudson noticed Asher kneeling down in the grass.

Hudson: Wait a minute, nevermind! This should get interesting... EVERYONE OUT!! COME OUT OF YOUR GOD DAMNED HIDING PLACES!!

Luan: Asher! Run!

Hudson: Chill it, dumbass. All of you, get down here and kneel down like your asshole friend! I'm only gonna say this once! You have FORTY FIVE DAMN MEN ARMED TO THE TEETH SURROUNDING YOU!! Come out to reduce your losses!

Nobody moves.

Hudson: Last chance!

Asher: Do it. Come out, guys. We don't need this.

The group hesitates, but finally they emerge from their spots.

Hudson: Good. Now all of y'all kneel down in a line, like this asshole! We're gonna play a game!

The group shuffles to their spots and kneels down.

Hudson: Alright! Now that we have everyone, I'll do this: When I ask you where my man is, you answer or else I flip a coin! Heads, I spare you for a worse torture later, tails, I kill you here. Let's start with the dumbass right here.

Hudson walks to Luan and pulls out a nickel.

Hudson: Where the hell is Ben?

When Luan doesn't move, Hudson flips the coin.

Hudson: Ooohh, that sucks for you! Trust me, you'd rather die than be tortured by me. Heads, man. You're alive. Next is this hottie right here!

After Emma, he sighs.

Hudson: Heads, babe. Wish I didn't have to, but I gotta.

Hudson walks to Asher and flips the coin.

Hudson: Lucky! Tails, dick. I kill you here.

As soon as Hudson pulls the gun out, Luan shouts and fires the shotgun at Hudson. The aim is off but the spread hits his eye.

Hudson: Aghhhghhg! damn it, kill these shitheads!

The men started to fire. The whole group makes it this time, including Asher. Luan tosses Asher the gun and Asher kills two. A third man falls, and Asher turns to see Brooklynn in a tent with his gun. Asher kills another and Hudson shouts.

Hudson: Let's bail, I got a better plan! We'll be back in five days, assholes!

The men ran off and Jordan, Asher, and Luan shot them as they ran, taking down five.

Jordan: God damn it, what do we do now?

Will: I know where to go.

Luan: Holy shit, didn't know you could still stand.

Asher: Jeez man, are you okay?

Will: Yeah, I'm fine. The explosion got me a little. I was pretty torn up, but I saw Brooklynn running through the forest. I tried to follow her, but I hit a tree. Woke up awhile later, found a walker chewing on my hand. Had to do this.

Will pulled off his left glove to reveal two bloody stumps where his pinkie and ring finger used to be.

Asher: Holy shit, you okay?

Will: I'm fine. But yeah, I know where to go.

Asher: Where?

Will: We had a helicopter hangar a few miles out. Twenty of my men lived around here, so they could be there, along with the helicopter.

Luan: Dead end, man. Why wouldn't they just take the heli and leave?

Will: Because I'm the pilot. They couldn't do shit on that thing without me. I gotta go. Also, that place is stocked with things we need. Weapons, bullets, water, and about a three years supply of food for thirty people.

Asher: Let's go, they'll be back in five days! Let's get your men and go after them first!

Will: No, I gotta go alone. If I leave now, I'll be back by the time they get here. I gotta go.

Asher: You sure?

Will: I'm sure. I have to go. What the hell is going on, anyways?

Asher: These guys, from a steel mill. We're gonna clear it out, but it had them in it, not walkers. Ashlynn got captured. When you were gone, Jazmine got bit, but we cut her arm off. Nathan died. Maddie just died, we got a prisoner.

Will: Wow.

Asher: Yeah. When you going?

Will: Now.

Asher helps Will pack food and water into a backpack. When they are done, Will picks up Hannah.

Will: Alright, I'll be back in a few days.

He puts on the pack and walks into the forest.

Asher: Damn.

Asher slammed the shovel into the wet dirt. Luan was kneeling down next to Maddie's body. Asher noticed Luan and put down the shovel, walking over to him.

Asher: Horrible, huh?

Luan: Yeah, but... I mean... She just seemed so lonely all the time, and... I think I liked her.

Asher: I know, it's rough, man. I don't even know if Ashlynn's alive and I kind of like her too. It's scary when it happens to you, how you never said anything, but... Shit man... I don't even know what to say.

Luan: Just... Just leave me alone.

Asher walked away as a tear dripped down Luan's cheek. He looked over at the log and saw Lauren back on her feet, watching Brooklynn and Brealynn. Brealynn started to cry and threw her arms around Brooklynn. Apparently, Brooklynn told her. He walked over and again started pulling up the dirt from the hole.

Ben: I... I told you! I-!

Asher: Bullshit!

Asher punched Ben in the face.

Ben: I-. We never had a prisoner, you know? So I don't know where she is!


Ben: Dude, I don't know! Stop hitting me!

Asher: You little shit!

Asher repeatedly punched him in the face. Eventually the chair tipped over. Asher walked up and kicked him in the ribs.

Asher: You're gonna tell me, or I will not give you to your men! WHERE IS SHE?!?!

Ben: OKAY!! OKAY!! She-, She's at the top of the mill, with the other women!

Asher: Other women?

Ben: Hudson kept 'em all up there for some reason, who the hell knows? She's up there, tied up with two other women!

Asher: Finally, you little shit.

Asher pulled him up and punched him one last time. Ben started to cry as Asher left the tent.

Will walked through the dense trees. Finally, he came out of the forest. He ran across a meadow and found an abandoned humvee with a dead soldier in it.

Will: Shit.

On the third day, Will was halfway there. Asher was leading the group.

Day FiveEdit

The fifth day was here. Will drove the humvee through a field, seeing a hangar with four walkers pounding on the door.

Jordan: They're here!

Asher and the rest of the group ran out. Brooklynn and Brealynn hid in a tent. Jazmine was on her feet, holding a Glock. Only one truck pulled up.

Asher: What the hell?

Hudson got out of the passenger seat.

Hudson: Hello my people! What's up?

He had a piece of gauze covering his eye. It had been shot out.

Asher: Only one truck.

Another man came out of the driver seat. The two men went to the back and came out with Ashlynn tied to a chair, duct taped to it.

Hudson: Now, last chance, where's my man?

Ashlynn: Don't-!

Hudson: Shut up! WHERE IS HE?!?!

Asher: Go to hell.

Hudson: You made this choice. This is on you, not me! You don't cooperate...

Will: Guys!

Will ran to the door to the hangar and killed all four of the walkers with Hannah.

Hudson: ...This is what happens!

Ashlynn: AAAAHHHHH!!!!

Brealynn: No!

Hudson had pulled out various items and had started using them as torture weapons on Ashlynn.

Hudson: Hahahaha! Haha!

Asher: You son of a bitch!

Emma had snuck around in the forest.

Asher: Stop, or I will kill Ben right now!

Emma: Damn it, you asshole!

Emma shot the man with Hudson and aimed for Hudson. A gunshot was heard, and Emma crumpled to the ground.

Hudson: Shit, attack!

Asher: Emma!!!

All of Hudson's men came bursting from the forest.

Will killed the walkers and quickly slid up the heavy metal doors.

Asher's group fought back. They shot until Hudson finally kicked Ashlynn's chair down, making her faceplant in the dirt.

Hudson: No time for this shit, men! Fall back! Back to base!

They left and Asher ran to Ashlynn. She was whimpering and he cut off the duct tape and held her there.

Asher: Don't worry. You're okay. It's all going to be okay.

Will opened the doors.

Will: Hey, guys! It's me, Wi-!!

A gunshot rang out and a bullet drove itself into Will's skull. He fell to the ground, asleep again.


  • Emma Walton

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