Asher has to find the group now that they're split.


Will kicked the group off the cabin and began seeing Ramona. After he tried to hang himself, Miller cut him down and saved his life. Miller helped Mason put the fence back up and Will decided he was done seeing Ramona. Asher went on a run and found a man in need of help, for he was being chased by walkers. The man got eaten and Asher got trapped, then severely injured in his chest. He made his way through the forest and found the school, but was mistaken for a walker and shot at. He ducked down and made it back to where the group's camp was, only to find them gone. He left the camp and followed Brealynn's footsteps.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Aaron Madison

Luan Stephens

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Brad Cott

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Summer Field


Asher walks through the tight forest, breathing heavily. He walks to the walker he sees on his path and slams the sharp blade of his hunting knife into its temple. He rips out the blade and lets it crumple to the ground; he keeps walking. After about half an hour, he thinks he hears voices. He turns only to see a group of three walkers. He raises his gun and pulls the trigger three times. On the third pull, the gun clicks. He looks at the lone walker and kicks it down. It falls back and he gets on top of it. It growls and tries to claw at him, but he holds its arms back. He raises the pistol and slams the blunt handle into its forehead over and over again. The wide skull explodes and black fluids splatter all over him. He gets up and turns away, back on his path.

Ashlynn: This isn't right, we have to go back.

Beth: We have been through this! We can't go back because he isn't there, so what's the point? We have to just keep on moving, find a safe place.

Ashlynn: There is no safe place. Look at the cabin, the house, the steel mill. All those places were hell or worse and there is no way any other place can be any better than that. If we were smart, we would've stayed back at the hangar.

Luan: It got overrun, we all saw that!

Ashlynn: No. All we can do-... All we will do is carry out the plans we had. We get that helicopter, and we go back to Idaho, back to the hangar.

Beth: Wait, what hangar?

Ashlynn: The same one Asher told you guys about. It's safe, solid doors. Soldiers are there, people we can trust. They can protect us, we can live peacefully.

Aaron: Too far. You guys can leave whenever you want, but I'm staying. Jason would've wanted to stay here.

Beth: What? Aaron, you can't leave us! We have to stick together, it's our only chance at survival. Please, you've earned your place.

Aaron: Jason would want to stay here. That's all I care about.

Ashlynn frowns at Aaron and looks at the group.

Beth: I'm gonna scout around, be back soon.

Ashlynn tried to stop her, but Beth walked away. Ashlynn looked down and back at the group.

Ashlynn: We'll wait here. Start setting up camp.

Luan: How do you think Will's doing?

Aaron: Not well, I hope. That son of a bitch kicked us out, wanted us to die! Why the hell do any of you care anymore?

Luan: Because we knew him before he did that. He's a good man and he has his reasons. You didn't know him at all, Aaron. Cut him some slack, he lost Ramona.

Aaron: Whatever.

Ashlynn turns to Aaron angrily.

Ashlynn: Alright, listen! If you're gonna stay with us, then you follow our rules! You do as we say and you knock off that damn attitude! You listen to us, and you shut the hell up when it's needed. Got it?

Aaron: Yeah, fine.

Ashlynn turns around and continues putting up a tent.

Beth trudges through the muddy ground, looking for a spot with food or water. She sees a small group of walkers feeding on something. She walks over to the group and sees four of them eating a man with a black backpack. She shoots the walkers and kneels down, seeing that this man died recently. There is a bullet hole in his forehead, and that, too, was recent. She picks up the backpack and starts to walk but stops when she sees a trail of fresh blood. She gets a confused look on her face and starts to follow the trail.

Will walks out of his room in the early morning and into the kitchen. He grabs a jug of milk, uncaps it, and takes a large drink. He wipes his mouth off and inserts the cap back on, putting it back into the cold refridgerator. He hears yelling and laughing coming from the small homemade basement. He walks down the steps and sees Miller and Mason playing a game of ping-pong. A pool table sits about a yard away from that, and an air-hockey table sits next to that. A small table- about one square foot- has three darts on it, and a dartboard is mounted on the wall.

Will: What the hell is this?

Miller: Thirteen serving fo- Oh, hey, Will... Didn't see you there.

Will: What's going on?

Mason: We went on a run last night, made this a game room. You doing okay, man?

Will: Yeah, I'm fine, just... Don't talk about that, okay? Makes it easier.

Miller: We're really sorry about what happened, man.

Will: I said don't talk sbout it!

Miller: Alright, sorry.

Will: Just... Give me that god damn paddle and I'll serve you your own ass on a god damn silver platter. Asshole.

Miller laughs and Mason tosses Will a paddle.

Jasper: God damn, that attack last night was intense.

Brad: Hell yes it was. What do you think we should do now?

Summer: Check up on Alexander, maybe. Let him know we got Josh staying here from now on.

Joshua: Will he be okay with that?

Brad: Should be. He let Jasper stay here without a problem.

Jasper: C'mon. I'll take you, Josh.

Jasper leads Joshua out the main building and starts walking towards a smaller building. The sign above the door is labeled, "Gym." They walk inside and see a heavy man shooting an antigue plate. He pulls back the lever on the rifle and looks through the scope, shooting another plate.

Jasper: Hey, Alexander!

The man ignores him and shoots another plate, shattering it into a million pieces.

Jasper: Alexander!

When the man still ignores him, Jasper runs to him and yells at him.

Jasper: What the hell are you doing? We need those bullets, damn it? What the hell is wrong with you?

Alexander: Might want to watch your lip, shithead. My school, my house, my rules. 'Sides, you got that little pointy stick of yours, what the hell you need a gun for?

Jasper: We. Need. The bullets. Knock it off and put the gun down.

Alexander gets up and gets close to the smaller Jasper.

Alexander: Or what? You gonna kick me out of my own house, shoot me? Whatever little guy, you can't do shit. Go to hell.

Alexander notices Joshua standing awkwardly.

Alexander: Who the hell are you?

Joshua: Joshua Bishop. I hope you don't mind me staying here.

Alexander: Well, I don't exactly welcome everyone with open god damn arms, but-.

Jasper: He's staying. Deal with it if you still want to be here.

Alexander looks down at the small man.

Alexander: Pfft. I an't scared of you. Whatever little man, whatever.

Alexander drops the gun to the hardwood floor and a round goes off.

Jasper: What the hell did I just say?

Alexander: You said put the gun down. Now get out so I don't have to look at your ugly little ass no more.

Jasper shakes his head and walks out of the building with Joshua.

Jasper: See what I mean? There's something seriously wrong with that guy.

Joshua: You guys really want him out, don't you?

Jasper: We've been working towards it. He never really contributes in any way, so what's the point in having him around? More mouths to feed? Please. He needs to go sooner or later.

Joshua: You mean we kill him?

Jasper: If that's what it takes.

Joshua looks at the several walkers spread amond the barbed wire fences. He sees how many there are- about twenty- and looks at Jasper.

Joshua: Let's clean this place up.

Jasper: What do you mean, the walkers?

Joshua: Yeah. Come on, let's get Brad and Summer.

Jasper: Alright.

They walk into the main building and see Brad and Summer in the first room, sitting and waiting for them.

Brad: What'd he say?

Jasper: He's staying. For now, Josh wants to help clean off all the walkers.

Summer: Is that safe?

Joshua: It isn't. But we could do it easily.

Brad: We can't just go out and do it. We gotta make a plan.

Joshua: Exactly. I was thinking maybe Jasper would be next to Summer. Brad, you either hang back with me and shoot any that get too close for comfort, or go up with them and use your knife. So Jasper would get the katana and Summer gets the bat, then Brad opens the gates and gets back to them. We let them trickle in slowly and we kill them easily. I'll hang back and shoot any that get too close to y'all.

Brad: Sounds good. I'll go up with them, I got my knife.

Joshua: Let's go.

Brad, Summer, and Jasper head outside with their weapons and Josh jogs up to his room and grabs his M16. He runs back down and sprints outside.

Brad: Okay, is everyone ready?

Jasper: Yep.

Summer: I'm good!

Joshua: Got it!

Brad: Okay. Opening the gate in one... Two.... THREE!

Brad opens the gate with one of the keys on the ring and swings it open, then jumps back to Jasper and Summer.

Brad: I got the first one!

Brad jumps forward and slams the hunting knife into its skull. It falls back and Summer slams the bat into the next one's head. It explodes brains and Jasper cuts off a head. Soon more start to come at once and they panic. Summer kills one, then gets grabbed but it is killed by Jasper. Eventually Brad gets pulled in but Joshua shoots three before Brad is bit. They all work together until there are only three left. They are lazy and on the outside of the fence, around on the far sides.

Brad: Who wants the last three?

Summer: Each of us three will get one. Josh, you keep an eye out and cover us in case any more come.

Josh nods and they zll run around to the last three.

Joshua: Make it badass!

They all laugh and Brad tackles his to the ground, then sabs it under the chin. Jasper kicks his to the ground and dramatically slams the blade deep into its skull. Summer shoves the bat under its chin and knocks it down, then takes the bat and slams it onto its face.

Joshua: Oh! That's what I'm talking about!

They all laugh and Joshua notices movement coming from the forest. He aims and sees a walker coming towards them.

Joshua: I got this ugly bastard!

Joshua aims back at the walker and is about to pull the trigger when Summer yells to him.

Summer: Stop! It's not a walker!

Joshua stops at the last second and pulls the gun down. He looks to the figure and sees it is waving its arms and jumping.

Brad: Oh, shit, this is one hell of a week!

They all run to the figure and see it's Beth.

Joshua: Oh, what the hell? This is the girl that left me to die!

Beth: What? Oh, shit, it's you. Listen, we are really sorry about that. We regret it now and I'm just scouting around, looking for supplies and people. We came back for you, trying to find you, well, one of us did. He never came back. Please, we have a four year old. You guys staying in that school?

Brad: We are.

Beth: Do you have room for more?

Jasper: Yeah, we do. How many people you got?

Beth: Five. Two of them can share a room, though.

Summer: Why, they married?

Beth: No. Sisters, one's four years old.

Brad and Summer look at Jasper, who nods.

Brad: Your group can stay.

Beth: God, thank you so much!

Joshua: But they can't- They-!

Brad: Can it, Josh. They're staying.

Beth: I'll go get my people.

Jasper: You can't go alone. I'll take you there and get your group back safe.

Brad: You sure about this?

Jasper: Yep. Hold down the fort while I'm gone.

Beth: Thanks. I'll make sure we get back safe.

Asher follows the footprints. He has been following them all day, and is exhausted. The bleeding stopped, but he lost a lot. He keeps going until he finally walks into their camp.

Luan: Yeah, I hope she's- Holy shit, walker!

Aaron is quick to grab the machete next to him and swings it at Asher, but stops at the last second.

Asher: It's me!

Aaron: Oh, Christ. I almost killed you, man.

Luan: You made it.

Brealynn: Yay!

She runs to Asher and hugs him, but jumps back when she touches the blood.

Brealynn: Eww, what happened?

Luan: Holy shit, what the hell happened?

Asher: I was scouting and I ran into this guy in the woods. He had walkers all over him, and didn't make it. I got caught between the group and a tree, one of them ripped into me. I came back, but you guys weren't there.

He looks around and notices something's wrong.

Asher: Where's Ashlynn? Where's Beth?

Luan and Aaron look at each other.

Luan: Ashlynn went out looking for you. Beth's on a run.

Asher: God damn it, are you kidding me?

Asher turns to walk away but Luan stops him.

Luan: Stop. We need to get you fixed up.

Asher: No, I need to get her back.

Luan: You are in no condition!

Asher: I have to. She can't be out there alone. Tell Beth I'm on my way back and I'll be back here tomorrow with Ashlynn.

Luan: I'm not letting you go out there alone. Not with Brealynn's life on the line.

Asher: I'm going. Tell Beth that when she gets back.

Luan: Please. It's more important to keep ourselves alive than to go out looking for others.

Asher: She is one of us. I'll be back tomorrow. Where did she say she was looking?

Luan hesitates but then finally tells Asher.

Luan: She said around the cabin.

Asher nods.

Asher: See you tomorrow.

He turns around and walks away into the forest.

Beth and Jasper walk into the camp.

Beth: Luan! Where's Ashlynn?

Luan: Umm... She... Kind of went looking for Asher....

Beth: What? We already know he's dead!

Aaron: Oh... The thing about that is... Asher came back about an hour ago.

Beth: What? Where is he now?

Aaron: He's looking for Ashlynn.

Beth: Oh my god... Well, either way, Jasper here is from a school.

Luan: School? Is it safe?

Jasper nods.

Jasper: Oh yeah. We have an infinite source of clean water and a fence blocking about twenty acres of land, covered in barbed wire. It's a high school, so there's several buildings. We got plenty of room for all of you, and the two people who are... Out.

Luan: We'll take it. But someone's gotta stay here for Asher and Ashlynn.

Aaron: I'll stay. Beth, you and Luan take Brealynn there.

Jasper: You can't stay alone, can you? I'll stay here with you.

Aaron: I can't ask you to do that.

Jasper: You didn't. I volunteered. You know the way back, right, Beth?

Beth: Yeah. If you guys aren't back by the day after tomorrow, I'm coming back for you.

Aaron: You got it.

They walk away and Jasper sits down with Aaron.

Miller: So where exactly are you going?

Will: On a run. We're low on food and I'm gonna go get more.

Mason: You don't want us to come with?

Will: Nah, I'm okay.

Miller: Alright, but I'll only let you go alone if you take this.

He hands Will a walkie-talkie.

Will: For?

Miller: You contact me if you get into trouble. Just so we know.

Will: You got it.

Will gets on the humvee and drives off.

Asher runs through the forest to another point he recognizes.

Asher: Ashlynn!

He keeps going, stopping at nothing to find her.

Will travels for two hours until he reaches an abandoned farm. He drives the humvee up to the wooden fence and gets out, then opens the fence and walks in. He strides through the farm land and sees a barn. He runs over to it, hearing movement inside, and exhales slowly. He draws his gun, expecting walkers, but opens it to see several animals. He sighs in relief and takes account of the animals: Four horses, twelve cows, six pigs, seven goats, twenty chickens, two sheep, and one dog. He smiles. He closes the barn door and walks over to inspect the house. He enters, and sees a large counter with food on it. As he grabs a box of dried Minute Rice, he hears rain pattering against the rooftop. Thunder booms overhead and he sighs, pulling out the walkie.

Will: Miller, this is Will, over.

Miller: Alright, what do you got, dipshit? Over.

Will: Hey! You're the one who told me to watch my language back in Boise, you god damn hypocrite. Shut the hell up and listen. It's storming out, so I'm gonna have to spend the night here at this farm about fourty miles out. You okay with that, asshole? Over.

Miller: Eh, good riddance, over.

Will smiles.

Will: Alright, sweet dreams, over.

Miller: Contact me tomorrow, Miller out.

Will clips the walkie back to his belt and walks up the stairs. He gets to the first room and sees writing on the door. It reads, "Goodbye. The date is 4/11/13. Cause of Death: Starvation. Lord forgive me, for I was not granted the power needed to survive." Will frowns and stares at the date. April eleventh. According to his calendar, which started on day four of the apocalypse, and was correct, then today's date is April eleventh. He walks into the room and sees a man lying in the bed. Will pulls off the covers and sees the man is dead, and very skinny. Cause of Death: Starvation. This guy just died, which confused Will. None of this made sense, there was plenty of food down below. Will frowned and closed the door, taking the blanket and pillow, and walked to the next room, where he finds an air mattress. He sets the blanket on it, then the pillow, and gets himself comfortable, promising to solve the starvation mystery the next morning.



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