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When the group defeated the steel mill, they left, with only Will, Asher, Ashlynn, Brealynn, Luan, and Lauren. Twelve soldiers were left alive. They went to the hangar and started to plan on leaving to Oregon in a helicopter. Will got angry when he was told the helicopter will only carry nine people. They began to plan for that, but Red was shot dead. Another guard and Asher was shot, but Asher was only shot in the shoulder. Hudson apparently had a bullet-proof vest, so he wasn't harmed. Asher kills him, once and for all. Riley volunteers to stay. The people who are going are: Will, Asher, Ashlynn, Brealynn, Luan, Lauren, Private Miller, Private Grimes, and Private Mason. As they are leaving, a giant horde of walkers appears. Riley calls people oer the radio to come to the hangar. As the helicopter leaves, Riley shouted something inaudible to Will, but no one knew what he said. They leave, and Asher sees three men get eaten, and Lucas stays behind, also getting devoured. The future is uncertain for the remaining nine survivors.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Lauren Faunre

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Grimes

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller


Will is drowsily sitting in the cockpit, gripping the control stick. His eyes keep flickering to the control panels. He's watching the Tacometer nervously.

Miller: What's Wrong?

Will: I don't like it.

Miller: What?

Will: I think the engines are running too fast...we could blow the engine....

Miller: What...we're travelling at 95 knots, of course the engine's are overworking.

Will and Miller stop and think for a second, but come up with nothing.

Miller: Maybe, we should land and check it out. 

Will: No, go get Mason. He should know.

Miller gets out of the co-pilot seat and looks back at the group. Lauren is constantly staring at him. Luan is cleaning his gun, Asher gives Will a nod. 

Miller: Mason, you're gonna want to take a look at this.

Mason:  What seems to be the problem?

Mason stops when he sees the engine pressure gauge.

Mason: I know what to do. Just slow down!

Will: Say Again?

Miller: Do it. We dont want to lose the helicopter this early.

Will slows the engine, and descends down to 1200 Ft. 

Grimes: Be careful. Lots of mountains, so I'll stay on the radar.

Will: Any mountains or at least flat spots to land? I'm tired. And We're gonna need to take a look at that engine.

Grimes: Nada.

Will:Alright, let's keep going.

Miller: We're at 1500 ft. 

Will: Grimes, we need options!

Grimes: Um, um! Stop! Stop! Go back a bit! A field! We can land!

The helicopter slows, then begins to travel downward. He turned on the lights, and slowly lowered the helicopter.

Grimes: Ok, start slowing down.

Miller looked out his side window, seeing a slight shine on the ground. 

Lauren: Are we on the ground yet?

Miller: No, but we're close. 

Will: Yeah, we're fairly close.

Brealynn yawned and stretched her legs.

Brealynn: Will, are we even close to it yet?

Will: We need to wait until the morning, because something's up with the engine. 

Will looked around at the group, all tired and ready to rest. Will smiles, then cuts the engine.

The next morning.Edit

Will woke up to laughing and cheering. A girls laugh, he thought. He walked over to the back hatch to see it was open. The entire helicopter was empty, Except for the humvee. He stepped outside to see a beautiful meadow of grass and flowers. Will looked to his left to see a long and windy river. At his right, he saw a sign saying: "Welcome to Oregon" As will stepped outside, he saw Ashlynn chasing around Brealynn, who was giggling the whole time. Asher and Luan were walking through the meadow, examining the barbed wire fences around it. Lauren was holding a flower, but when she saw Will, dropped it. Mason was on top of the helicopter, working on the engine. Miller and Grimes were sitting by the humvee, smoking cigarettes.

Will: A small meadow? This is huge!

Grimes: It looked small on the radar.

Miller: Hey Will! Cattle ahead!

Miller pointed across the meadow to some black and white blotches, moving around.

Will: Cows? You'd think they'd die by now!

Grimes: Hell yes, there are probably about twenty cows out there!

Brealynn: Thank you Willie!

Will laughed.

Will: Hey Mason! How's the damage up there?

Mason: Not bad! I guess the engine had some crap caught in the engine.

Ashlynn: Thanks Will, you got us some time to relax and take our mind off, for Brealynn.

Mason: Alright, the engine's clean. We're all set to go!

Brealynn: Aww, cant we stay?

Mason: No-

Miller: Yes, we can, and stay for the day.

Will: Speaking of which, how are we on fuel?

Miller: We've got about half a tank. Despite we're flying to our extreme range, we should be good.

Grimes: We're also good on food and water. We should stay here until tonight.

Will: That works out perfectly then!

That night, the group had a wonderful feast. They ate on the humvee, milked the cattle, and drank fresh water from the river. They laughed and played games all day, and enjoyed themselves for the day. Will and the crew planned thier route, and got ready for the flight to Eastern Oregon. After this day, it looked as if the world wasn't all bad.



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