Here we are! The Season 2 midseason finale! Wow, it seemed like just yesterday we were still in season 1! We grew so fast! Thanks everyone!


The group drove Lauren out and left her for the walkers, but she escaped. They got back and everybody in the group had a hard time accepting the truth. Will walked to Brealynn and found out that she was seeing things and supposedly "talking" to Bryson and Nathan. Will was freaked out that she was going crazy until he himself saw Bryson and started talking to him. After awhile, he saw Nathatoo. He made it clear to Brealynn that nobody can know and she needs to keep quiet. Ramona gets angry and tells Will to get it together. The next day, Kattner is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" until Lauren  shoves a piece of glass through his chest. She laughs hysterically and finds Ramona working on the fence. She runs over her legs with the tractor, immobilizing her. Lauren tips the fence on top of her and rolls her down the hill, tangling her in a bloody mess. Will sees the scene and screams in exhasperation.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ramona Merril

Lauren Faunre

Beth Wring

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Luan Stephens

Aaron Madison

Jason Madison


Will: Nooooo! You god damn son of a bitch, I'M GONNA KILL YOU! I'M GONNA RIP YOUR GOD DAMN THROAT OUT- YOU BITCH!!!

Will runs up to Lauren and punches her in the face, knocking her down. He kicks her in the ribs and pulls out his pistol.

 Will: BITCH!

He aims down and shoots her in the kneecap.

Lauren: GAAH! What the hell, I came for YOU!


As Will shouts, he kicks her in the ribs and on the chest, over and over again. Ramona is at the bottom of the hill, bleeding out. Asher and Beth run out of the cabin and see what is going on. Ashlynn is still at the bottom of the hill, keeping Brealynn back. Luan is running up to see what exactly just happened. Aaron runs out after Asher and Beth, but quickly turns around and runs back in. Will continues to kick and stomp on Lauren, and Lauren screams her head off. When Will pulls out a knife, Asher finally gets there. 

Will: I'm gonna kill you!

Asher: No!

As Will swings the knife down, Asher grabs his wrist.

Asher: Will, this isn't the way!

Will: To hell it isn't! She just took everything from me!

Asher: I know, I get it! We just have to calm down, and deal with it! Just drop the knife and we'll tie her up!

Will: No! God damn it, I want this asshole bitch to be dead! I want her DEAD! NOW!

Asher: Hey, hey, hey! Stop, just put it down!

Will: Screw you, Asher!

Will takes a swing and punches Asher in the face. Asher falls and Beth freaks out. Will raies the knife and starts bringing it down.

Asher: No!

Asher dives and tackles Will. Will grunts when they hit the ground and rams his elbow into Asher's gut.

Will: Get OFF of me!

Beth: Guys, just calm down! Stop! It doesn't need to be like this!

Luan gets to the top of the hill.

Luan: What ha- Oh, JESUS CHRIST! You guys, knock it off!

Will flips over Asher and kicks him in the ribs. Asher punches Will back and Will jumps on top of him. Luan runs up and tries to pull Will off but he is punched.

Miller: Hey, woah, calm down!

Mason: Yeah guys, knock it off!

Asher: Will, just leave it be and we'll deal with it later!

Will: Hell we will! I hate you! I hate you so god damn much! If it has to be like this, then screw it! I'M DONE!

Will still has Asher pinned down and Will pulls out his pistol. He puts it under Asher's chin.

Beth: NO!

Luan: Will, calm the hell down!

Will screams but Asher kicks him off just as he pulls the trigger. The gun falls out of his hand and he starts to scramble towards it. Asher is quicker on his feet and runs to the gun before Will grabs it, and kicks it away.


He grabs Asher's ankle and knocks him to the ground. Asher falls flat on his back and a loud pop is heard.

Asher: Agh!

He kicks Will in the face. Blood starts flowing from Will's nose and Asher jumps on top of him and punches him twice in the face.

Lauren: Ughh... Leave.... Leave Will alone...

Beth: Asher.

Asher keeps the squirming Will pinned down and looks him straight in the eye.

Asher: We need to stop this. Will, you know it. Go check up on Ramona and we'll keep Lauren down for you.

Will: Whatever. You can go to hell. Now let me up.

Asher gets off and lets Will up. He expects Will to go to Ramona, but instead he turns around and puts all the force into his arm and fist, and rams his knuckles into Asher's face.

Beth: Hey!

Asher falls down to the ground, nearly unconcious. Blood sprays from his mouth and out his nose, which is busted. Luan shouts and the soldiers aim up their guns. Beth raises her gun at Lauren and Luan tackles Will to the ground.

Beth: Oh my god, Asher, are you okay?

Asher slowly gets up. His face is swollen and his nose is broken. Blood covers his fists and face.

Asher: I'm alright.

Luan: Shit. What do we do?

Asher: I don't know. Only one thing we can do right now.

Will: Get OFF of me!

Will shoves Luan off of him and runs down the hill, towards Ramona.

Will: Oh... No, no... Ramona, I'm so sorry.... God.....

Will bends down to where Ramona is breathing heavily, blood and flesh all over. Both of her legs from the knee down are ripped apart, bloody, and smashed. Will gently takes her hand and tears come from his eyes. He starts sobbing.

Will: I'm so sorry.... God... What have I done? I'm just..... I'm gone.... Asher, he.... God...

Ramona manages to take her hand and bring it up to his cheek. 

Ramona: It's okay...... Don't wo-... Don't worry.... 'Bout me.... Kee-... Keep them safe..... I lo-.... I-.... I love you.....

Will: I love you...

She shuts her eyes and exhales slowly.

Ramona: Goodbye..... Love.....

She stops breathing. Will looks down at her and shakes his head.

Will: No... No, no, no, no..... Please! No! Please, please! PLEASE!!

Wills sobs harder and bows his head in shame.

At the top of the hill, the group looks down in shame. Luan walks Brealynn to the house, and Asher, Ashlynn, Miller, Mason, and Beth look down at Will and Ramona. Ashlynn takes hold of Asher's hand.

Miller: Shit...

Mason: So... Are you okay, man? Looked intense.

Asher: I'm alright, I understand. He's going through a lot, just stay out of his hair.

Beth: So... What do we do with her?

Asher: Let Will take care of himself, then we let him decide what to do.

Miller: Damn... Just... Shit...

Asher touches the blood on his face and Will stands up. He angrily walks to the gun Asher kicked away and picks it up.

Asher: Oh, shit. Get ready, Beth. Don't let him hurt anyone.

Beth: You got it.

Beth readies her gun and Will strides over to the group with an angry look on his face. He doesn't slow, just keeps walking fast, towards them. They step to the side, worried, and Will finally stops right next to Lauren. He looks at the mark where he shot her in the kneecap and then looks at her face.

Lauren: You get it now, don't you? It was supposed to be me and you, but it couldn't be us because that bitch. Now she's gone, so what's stopping us? The two of us, Will, finally. We can be together forever...

Will: When hell freezes over.

He draws his knife and looks down on her. He kneels down and looks at her. He remembered the early days, where she was as sweet as can be. He missed that, and never imagined that this world could do that to HER. He shakes his head and raises the knife.

Asher: Will.

Will turns his head.

Asher: Please.

Will stares for a second then turns back to Lauren. Without hesitation, he ignores Asher and drives the knife deep into her shoulder.

Lauren: GAAH! Whew, my my! I never knew you were so freaky!

Will leaves the knife in her shoulder and starts dragging her to the part of the fence that wasn't knocked down. He throws her on and kicks that part down, tangling her up.

Beth: Holy shit! Asher, are we gonna stop him? He's taking down the damn fence!

Asher: Just wait. If it gets out of hand, then we'll stop him.

Will looks down on the bloody mess of Lauren. Tangled in barbed wire, she has loose flesh and gore spilled all over. Nearly dead, she looks up at Will. He turns around to his two remaining soldiers, Pvt. Miller and Pvt. Mason.

Will: You know what to do. On my order.

They nod and Will turns around to Lauren. 

Lauren: I love you...

Will grimaces and looks down. He looks back up and draws his pistol.

Will: Happy Valentine's Day, bitch.

He waves his arm as he says this and the three soldiers unload their guns on her. Blood sprays from all over Lauren's body and her head starts to fall apart. Clothes rip into shreds. A crazy twitch returns to Miller's eye as his M4 piles out ammo. Will is screaming as he fires, but he's unheard from the gunfire. Eventually they are out of ammo, staring at the bloody mess that used to be Lauren Faunre.

Will: Let's go.

Will and the soldiers walk back up to the cabin, leaving the rest behind.

Ashlynn: What happens now?

Asher: I don't know.

In the cabin, Luan and Aaron watch the whole thing through the window. Brealynn sits with her teddy bear and waits on the couch. Jason wakes up again, not as weak this time.

Jason: Woah, what's going on?

Aaron: Shit's hitting the fan, bro. I don't know what's going to happen now, do we still get to stay? What's that guy gonna do?

Luan: I don't know, but usually he's a pretty chill guy. But losing his girlfriend and all.... Damn, I don't know. All we can do is hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

They look back outside and see the soldiers and Will fire on Lauren. They look away as soon as her skull starts falling apart.

Luan: Oh, shit...

Aaron: Oh, god...

Jason: I'm gonna be sick.

When they walk back into the cabin, they set their guns down. Will looks at them and sits on the couch.

Will: Go get them.

Aaron: Pardon?

Will: Go outside and get them, now. I have something to tell y'all, so go get them.

Aaron notes the blood on Will's face and hands and runs outside.

Aaron: Hey, guys... Umm... Will wants everyone inside, says he's got something to tell us.

Asher: Okay, let's go everyone.

The group walks back inside and all of them find a place to sit.

Will: This everyone? Good. Before I say what needs to be said, hear this. That bitch deserved to be killed, don't you dare doubt that. I'm the best leader you people got, which is why I did that. Secondly, Asher, if you ever turn on me again, I won't hesitate.

Beth: He didn't turn on you, dick! You were-.

Will: ENOUGH! Let me finish! What I need to say, is that I don't trust all of you to buck the hell up and listen to what I just said, which is why I'm telling you this. I'll say it once, loud and clear: Off my land. Get the hell out, all of you. I don't care what you say, just leave. Miller and Mason can stay, but that's it. Anyone else needs to go.

Beth: But-!

Asher: No. Listen to him, Beth, we don't belong here. We're leaving.

Will watches as Asher, Ashlynn, Brealynn, Beth, Aaron, Luan, and Jason walk out the door. Luan and Aaron are helping balance Jason so he can walk.

Asher: Ugh.... Shit.

Will closes the door behind them.

Brealynn: Where are we going?

Ashlynn: We're leaving, just follow me, okay? Stay close to me.

They walk forward and stop by the end of the property.

Asher: So what now?

Beth: We could take this place by force, they're outnumbered.

Asher: No, we're leaving. I mean who's coming with me and who's not?

Ashlynn: What?

Luan: Guys, I don't know. I'm with Beth, we could take this place back by force instead, I mean, kicking us out is a death sentence. There's no way we'll make it through this.

Asher: Aaron and Jason did okay.

Jason: Yeah, until I got mauled by a bear.

Beth: The point is we're not splitting up. Either we all stay together and go or we take it back, kill Will and them.

Asher: We're not doing that, he lost Ramona.

Ashlynn: No matter what anybody says, Brealynn and I are going with Asher.

Asher: I'll take whoever wants me to be the leader and keep 'em safe, we'll be okay as long as we stick together.

Ashlynn: We're in, Brealynn and I.

Aaron: I'll go with y'all.

Jason: I'm staying with Aaron.

Asher: That's just Beth and Luan, then.

Luan: Well, you'll need a nurse, or doctor, or whatever, and I've got medical training, so I guess I'm in.

Beth: Well, I... I'm the last one, and I sure as hell ain't going alone, so I guess I'm in, let's go.

Asher: Alright, come on.

They walk over to the storage shed and grabs a few bags of guns, food, and ammo. Medical supplies come in another bag, and Asher picks up a bag stuffed with supplies, plus his own personal backpack.

Asher: Let's go.

As the group walks away from the cabin, into the forest, Will watches from his window, sitting on the bed where Ramona used to sleep, before he came. He watches them leave and feels a hand on his shoulder. He turns around, only to see Ramona.

Ramona: Will.

Will smiles and hugs her, but she stops him.

Ramona: Will, I'm not really here. I'm just watching to help you. You need me, like it or not. It's okay, I'm here now. I'm alright, hon.

Will: I loved you, and I let you die. What is my problem?

Ramona: Nothing, Will. The only mistake you've ever made is seeing people, like me. It'll be okay, just don't worry. Don't worry, Will. You will be alright.


Ramona Merril

Lauren Faunre

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