13 Months will be the fourth episode of Season 4. It premiered on July 30th, 2013.


After the group left the school to head back to the hangar because of Riley's distress call, they packed up into the helicopter and started flying to the school. In mid-flight, the engine broke down and everyone escaped but parachutes but Mason, sending Miller into a deep rage. They crashed over Prarie City. Asher and Kameron are on the other side of the river, waiting, while everyone else is inside a small store.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Pvt. Miller

Dean Chang

Erika Munnyey

Hannah Reese

Pvt. Mason

Ellis Hall

Graydon Hall

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Kameron Carter

Sasha Carter

Lady Slave


Kameron: We have to go find them.

Asher: Kameron, I'm telling you, we meet them at the crash. That's the place where they'll go, to get Mason or Miller's body. We can't just leave them.

Kameron: But- But walkers-

Asher: We can deal with walkers. I'm not saying they're not a threat, far from it, it's just we know how to handle the dead. Right now our worst problem is how the hell we're getting back to the hangar.

Kameron: You know these guys there? They cool? Because if they're dicks, I can't raise Sasha there.

Asher: They're military. They know what they're doing. But I don't know, it's obvious Riley and the other two met new people, there's no way they could've killed all the walkers that were swarming them on their own. And if this place is as good as we think, it'll be much much better than the school ever was.

Kameron nodded, then looked at the black smoke rising from the crash site.

Kameron: Let's go. Before the walkers beat us to him.

Will led everyone through the tight streets of Prarie City. Jasper and Graydon were carrying Miller on a stretcher they found in the back room. Joshua was limping along, his arm around Dean's shoulders. When they got in sight of the store, they stopped in their tracks.

Will: Oh, shit.

Dean: God damn, son.

There was a whole army of walkers, swarming the helicopter, trying to get up at Mason's body. It was not visible, but the tail was jammed into the roof, leaving the nose pointed straight into the air. One of the walls was completely destroyed, which was where the walkers were all standing. A tear slid down Erika's cheek as she listened to the insane, relentless moans of the undead. There were so many, the store was full and they were overflowing out into the streets, where they were spread out. It looked as if the entire town of dead people was attacking. Will turned to the group and pulled out his pocket knife.

Will: We all know what to do.

Jasper: But- But there's so many... What're we gonna do?

Reese: Same thing we were all born to do. Kill. Walkers.

Erika: There's no way we can do that. How long have we all been surviving in this together? Like a year?

Will reaches back and pulls out his miniature calendar he keeps on his belt.

Will: 13 months now.

He clips it back onto his belt.

Beth: Still... That many?

Will: Ashlynn, you take Sasha, Brealynn, and Lady back into an alleyway. Jasper and Graydon, take Miller and Ellis back there too and keep them safe. Erika and Joshua, you go too. Everyone else, use melee weapons. Only use guns when you see yourself or someone else about to get the chomp. Ready?

Erika: No, I'm coming with you. I need this.

Will: Suit yourself. Let's go.

Will started walking towards the horde with Erika, Beth, Dean, and Reese. When they reached the swarm, who still wasn't noticing Will, he kicked the first one over on top of the one in front of it, causing a small wave of them to wash over onto Will. He kicked them off and slammed the knife into one. He ripped it out and stabbed another under the chin, then scrambled away when he saw another one coming, but it was stabbed by Beth's sickle. They continued to fight their way through until suddenly Dean tripped over a piece of loose cement.

Beth: DEAN!

Dean: -Damn you!

He kicks off the walker ontop of him and turns his body away from the swarm and Will grabs his arm, then pulls him back but hears a blood-curdling scream coming from Dean. Erika slams her crowbar into the walker that made him scream, and Will pulls him back. Jasper and Graydon run up and start killing walkers.

Will: Oh my God... No...

Dean: Just... Just kill me... Use me as bait...

Ashlynn runs up to see what happened and looks down at the horror: a large portion of flesh taken from Dean's ankle by a bite.

Ashlynn: Take it off.

Will: What?

Ashlynn: What Asher did to Jazmine back at Analee's house! Take off his leg!

Will: But... But I-

Reese: Will, whatever you're gonna do, do it NOW! WE NEED YOU OVER HERE!

Will: Help me get him back, we have to tie off his leg! Get Graydon's axe for me!

Beth: Will, hurry!

The swarm was backing them up, and Will grabbed the moaning Dean. He carried him back towards the alleyway and set him down, then pulled off his belt and tied it just below the knee. He pulled out a small container of pills and shook out a few, then crammed them into Dean's mouth.

Will: H- Here. Painkillers, you'll need them.

Dean: Just... Gah... Just do it! Hurry... The group needs you, Will!

Will looks over his shoulder at everyone fighting off the walkers. They are being pushed back and are about halfway to where Will is.

Will: Ashlynn, the axe!

Ashlynn: Here!

Will: Get the kids back!

Will hesitates, then raises the axe. Dean cringes, panting and sweating. Will brings the axe down hard, getting through about a third of his leg.


Will: I'm sorry!

He brings the axe down again, getting through a smaller portion.

Erika: Will, please!

He looks back, seeing the swarm is about twenty feet away from him.

Will: Just keep them off me!

Reese: There's too many, we need you!


Just then, a hammer comes out of nowhere, smashing into a walker's skull. Will looks at Asher and Kameron, who just showed up and are now killing walkers.

Asher: There. Now do whatever you gotta do, we'll keep them back!

Will nods and turns to Dean, who is now unconscious. He brings down the axe a third time, leaving the foot hanging by a thread. He slams down on the tiny chunk of flesh holding his leg against his knee, separating it entirely.

Ashlynn: Oh my God...

Will: Now do whatever, we'll keep the walkers back!

Will runs over and sees the helicopter, where one of his only friends is. He remembers Grimes' head getting blown off, he remembers Lauren killing Ramona in cold blood, he remembers going back and shooting Harris and all his friends to put them to rest, he remembers the rage he went into when Ramona died. And then he remembers Riley and this new community they are going to. After going through so much, and having so much loss, it's all worth it to get to this one new place. And he'll be damned if they lose the war now. He sees his eyes turn red, he feels himself go into a frenzy state, and he lifts his arms back behind his head, and chucks the axe into the group. It rips itself through two undead heads and gets stuck in a third after it spins through the air. He growls under his breath and starts stabbing, slicing, and ripping apart undead flesh with his knife.

Before he knows it, he is looking down at all the dead bodies around them, and all his friends soaked in blood. Asher nods at him and they start walkign towards the helicopter. Will looks up at it, seeing nothing.

Will: We gotta get up there somehow. Someone light. Reese, you need to climb up the debris and get his body. If he's a walker, you shoot him. Don't stab or beat in or mangle, you shoot him humanely. That's how he would've wanted it.

Asher: Have you found Miller or Mason yet?

Will: Miller went into a rage, I found him unloading about three clips into a dead body so I chloroformed him. I've had to do it every once in awhile so he won't wake up, so it's Mason up there.

Asher: Ah.

Reese started to climb up. She reached the back where the Humvee was barely inside and pulled herself through it. She wriggled her way through the helicopter and then finally got to the cockpit, where everything was destroyed. She looked at Mason's body. His flight suit was completely torn and destroyed, his helmet was dented. She grabbed him and started pulling him back, but his legs were stuck in the bottom of his seat. She tugged and tugegd until finally he came loose. She dragged him back through the helicopter and out the Humvee, where she saw Asher and Will standing.

Asher: Jesus shit! Hand him down here!

She eased him down and let go once Will and Asher had him. They carried him over onto the grass and set him down lightly.

Will: Let's get this shit off him.

Their muscles strain as they pull off the flight suit, revealing his bare chest.

Will: Oh my God...

Asher: But... It can't be!

Will: Yeah... I think it is!

Asher: Check!

Will: I've got his pulse!

On his chest, all that was visible was a large dark purple oval streaked across it. They pulled off the helmet and saw the same: a large dark purple bruise on his forehead.

Will: Watch him. I'll go tell the others.

Will walked back to everyone, where he saw them all sitting by the unconscious Dean, who had a bandage wrapped around his stump.

Will: Good news for once. Mason is alive.

Ellis: WHAT?!?

Ellis instantly jumps up with a very bright smile on her face and hugs Will.

Will: It's great news, absolutely, but there's still the matter of how we'll get to Idaho. I haven't seen a single car here, it's a God damned ghost town.

Jasper: That's where Graydon and I come in. Where we landed, there's a train.

15 Minutes LaterEdit

Jasper: So what do you think?

Will looks on at the train.

Will: She's a God damn beauty is what I think.


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